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Facial fullness can appear more youthful by removal of extra fat that’s seen in the face. Dr. Shah is located in Chicago, Illinois and is a specialist in removing extra fat along the face to create a more sculpted, attractive appearance. This procedure can be done in the office and requires little down time. Dr. Shah specializes in in-office procedures making patients extraordinarily comfortable.

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Dr. Shah’s approach is to remove buccal fat with a microincision in an efficient manner in the office. Dr. Shah uses a smaller incision than others allowing for patients to have a quicker time to heal and less pain afterwards.  In addition, Dr. Shah removes the buccal fat in the office allowing for patients to see (or at least KNOW) that the buccal fat was removed.  Since Dr. Shah is very experienced in buccal fat removal and an expert in facial anatomy, he often takes just a few minutes to remove the buccal fat in the office.  Longer procedures can lead to prolonged swelling and abnormal contours after the procedure.

Formula For Success: Buccal Fat Removal

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Why Choose Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat is good option for patients who notice that have fullness in their face despite exercise and trying to eat a proper diet to lose fat in the face. Buccal fat removal can help make the face look more contoured, look slimmer, and (in many occasions) look more attractive. Many patients try and use highlighting, such as makeup and other factors, to kind of make the face look slimmer and buccal fat can create that look without the use of lighting, shadowing, and additional aspects.

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Am I A Candidate For Buccal Fat Removal?

Patients can be a candidates for buccal fat removal in Chicago with Dr. Anil Shah if they have any fullness in the middle portion of their face. One way to mimic this is for the patient to suck in with their cheeks and if they like the way this appears then this will be a good foreshadowing or preview of what buccal fat removal will look like.

Patients who notice that their parents have fuller faces often are great candidates as well because they’ll notice that the buccal fat persists with age and that the fullness in the face does persist.

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The Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

The buccal fat procedure is performed by removing the fat from a small incision inside the cheek. Dr. Shah uses a specialized technique where he makes a small incision. This small incision helps the patient recover. Also since he has extraordinary experience doing buccal fat his procedure takes a few minutes. The benefit of him doing this is he finds the fat right away and patients have less swelling. In these anatomic diagrams you can see what to avoid in the face.

The microincision is an important update to Dr. Shah’s technique.  He used to remove the buccal fat pad with a standard incision which is used by almost every other buccal fat surgeon. However, by limiting the incision, Dr. Shah noticed that patients were able to recover faster and had less discomfort immediately after.  This technique requires advanced anatomy of the buccal fat and mid cheek anatomy.

Why Dr. Shah For My Buccal Fat Procedure?

Dr. Shah is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Shah has written over 50 scientific articles, including several landmark and anatomic articles about the face. His experience in buccal fat is evident, not just here but also on his Instagram page where he’s found frequently removing buccal fat, as you can see in our stories and other aspects. His technique is trusted by hundreds of patients, celebrities and influencers.

Dr. Shah’s background as both a head and neck surgeon as well as a facial plastic surgeon leaves an advantage to him understanding anatomy in this important area. Scarring is rare in this procedure as scarring is performed inside the mouth. Dr. Shah does perform a number of revision buccal fat procedures and often notices that surgeons remove the wrong fat, which includes the Malar fat, which can create an overly gaunt appearance. As well as cannot find the actual buccal fat itself. Since Dr. Shah’s experience with buccal fat is extensive he often is able to perform the procedure in minutes while other surgeons might take hours.

Dr. Shah uses the microincision approach to buccal fat allowing for a smaller entry point and less swelling and pain (per Dr. Shah’s data and feedback on patients from switching from a standard approach to microincision approach).  This technique requires advanced anatomical knowledge of the midface and structures surrounding the buccal fat.

Getting Ready For Buccal Fat Removal

The Buccal Fat Removal Consultation

During the consultation, you’ll meet with the expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Anil Shah.  His office is located in Chicago, IL. at 200 West Superior St., Suite 200. He is double-board certified and he will review your facial features to see if you’re a good candidate. Often times patients will have other areas that they may benefit from to create a more slimmer look and he’ll use his expertise to come up with a comprehensive plan to see what approaches or approaches are best for you.

A fuller face often involves buccal fat as well. Buccal fat is a discrete fat pocket located in the cheek area. Genetically, some patients’ faces here are fuller than ideal. Removal of fat here is based on the patient’s familial history of facial shape to help predict their pattern of fat loss over time. Removal of buccal fat can help subtly contour the patient’s face by accentuating cheek bones and a more sculpted appearance to the face.

Preparing for Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

To prepare for buccal fat surgery, our team will send patients a list of blood thinners to avoid before surgery to make sure that they’re ready for this procedure. Blood thinners can include medications and non-herbal supplements such as fish oil, green tea, and other things that can cause swelling. Most patients take a minimal time off of work as there is no scar.  The only scar is located inside the cheek. We recommend patients prepare to ice for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. Patients should anticipate having longer recovery periods if they have a tendency to swell.

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Recovering Time From Buccal Fat Removal

Immediately After Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

Immediately after surgery, patients should rest. They should avoid extreme activity and avoid sharp foods inside the mouth. Patients also may want to avoid overly hot substances as well.

The First Few Hours After Your Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

The first hours after your surgery patients should ice their mouth and limit their activity. Many patients iced to avoid swelling. We believe that swelling is the cause of most patients pain and discomfort.

The First “Few” Week(s) After Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

The first few weeks after surgery. It may take patients several weeks to see their final results and up to three to six months to see their last result. Patients may notice after the first few weeks a hard spot inside your mouth which does go away. This is near their incision line. Most patients will have little to no evidence of having had this procedure done because the scar is inside the mouth and heals almost entirely.

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Buccal Fat Removal FAQ

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Are There Risks With Buccal Fat Removal?

Yes, the buccal fat pad is near facial nerve and parotid duct as well as other vital structures in the face. A surgeon with intimate knowledge of facial anatomy is the best choice.

Can I Go Home The Same Day As A Buccal Fat Removal?

Yes, patients recover at home the same day as a buccal fat removal. Patients flying from afar are recommended to stay overnight prior to flying out.

Will I Have Sutures That Need To Be Removed?

No, sutures are absorbable and placed in the mouth.

Is Recovery Painful?

Typically, there is minimal discomfort after the procedure.

Are There Restrictions After The Procedure?

Limited physical exertion, avoidance of blood thinners are important for the first week after the procedure. In addition, avoidance of sharp foods such as chips is recommended. More detailed instructions are given in the office.

Is Buccal Fat Removal For Everyone?

No, buccal fat removal is for select individuals with large buccal fat pads. Dr. Shah can help determine if it is a procedure he recommends.

What Is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal is the removal of buccal fat in an effort to make the face look slimmer in appearance. Since the fat here is often resistant to weight loss, buccal fat removal can be helpful in defining the facial highlights.

Why Have Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal serves to define the face and make it appear slimmer. This can create a more sculpted look to the face.

What Is The Procedure Like?

The procedure is often performed as an in office procedure with minimal discomfort. Many patients equate this procedure feeling similar in scope to a “dental procedure”.

Am I Candidate?

Good candidates for buccal fat have fuller faces with buccal fat contributing to the fullness. Patients with parents with fuller faces are good candidates as this can be an indicator on what to expect in facial aging in the patients many years later.

What Are The Risks?

There are significant risks in the procedure including risk of nerve injury and vascular injury as well as salivary duct injury. Patients should seek the procedure from a surgeon experienced in facial anatomy.

How Soon Can I Return To Work?

Most patients can return to work in 5 days with some patients requiring more and some less in recuperation time.

Can’t You Just Liposuction The Face Instead?

Liposuction of the face can lead to asymmetries while buccal fat removal is a safer procedure. In addition, buccal fat is encapsulated and fibrous which is resistant to liposuction and surrounded by delicate facial nerves and salivary ducts.

Are Some Doctors Opposed To Buccal Fat Removal?

Some doctors are opposed to buccal fat removal as in the wrong patients it can lead to an overly gaunt appearance and prematurely aged appearance. However, in a properly selected candidate buccal fat can lead to contouring of the face to improve facial shape and more athletic appearance. The buccal fat is often resistant to weight loss which means buccal fat removal may be the only option for some to contour the face.

What Does The Word Buccal Come From?

The word buccal comes from the latin word Bucca which translates to cheek. So buccal fat means “cheek fat”.

What Is Dr. Shah’s Philosophy On Buccal Fat Removal?

In a properly selected patient, buccal fat removal can help to contour the face, particularly in a bottom heavy face. Buccal fat removal when done in the office with an experienced surgeon can be a gratifying procedure for patient and surgeon alike.

What Makes Dr. Shah’s Technique Different?

Buccal fat pad removal is best performed with a microincision with minimal dissection and removing just the buccal fat pad. When I first started doing buccal fat removal the procedure took about 45 minutes to perform. Most surgeons take about 30 minutes or more. Now most of the time I can perform the procedure under 6 minutes. The benefit is that with less operative time to remove the fat pad patients look better sooner and have less bumps and lumps as they heal. I use a microincision inside the mouth rather than a standard incision which limits swelling, recovery and has patients feel better sooner. Finally, I have noticed that poor buccal fat pad results from other surgeons is often the removal of malar fat pad instead of buccal fat pad. Patients should make sure their surgeon has a deep understanding of facial anatomy to have this procedure performed since the buccal fat pad is located in the middle of the face.

How Much Does Buccal Fat Removal Cost?

Please contact the office for specific pricing. Since the procedure is done in an office setting, it is often priced competitively.

If I Don’t Numb Well With Local Anesthesia Should I Do An Office Based Procedure?

Some patients require larger than normal amounts of local anesthesia for a procedure and may benefit from doing the procedure under IV sedation or general anesthesia instead.

How Can Dr. Shah Perform The Procedure In The Office While Other Doctors Do It In The Operating Room?

Dr. Shah can use an office based surgical suite to treat patients. Since Dr. Shah has great knowledge of facial anatomy he can make patients comfortable by blocking nerves making the procedure quite comfortable. Since Dr. Shah has performed this procedure frequently, Dr. Shah is able to find the buccal fat and remove it with a minimal incision and minimal operating room time making it easier for patients.

Where Is Dr. Shah’s Office Located?

It is located in Chicago, IL. at 200 West Superior St., Suite 200. You can schedule your consultation by calling the number below or filling out the form at the top of the page.

Can I Have My Face Liposuctioned Instead Of Buccal Fat Removal?

The way fat is distributed in the face is complex. There are various fat pads including the buccal, malar, temporal which are collections of fat. In addition, the fat can be distributed along the subcutaneous tissues. Large collections of fat can be liposuctioned elsewhere in the body, but the face is typically not an ideal location for this. Liposuction of the face can lead to irregualarities in the face and contour deficits. Buccal fat is a deeper fat pad whose removal avoids such issues.

Will Buccal Fat Be Reduced With Exercise?

It depends. In some cases, buccal fat can be reduced by decreasing overall body fat percentage. However, in some individuals, even with low body fat percentages, buccal fat persists.

Can Buccal Fat Return After Its Removal?

It depends. In some cases, a portion of buccal fat is removed to provide some contouring without a dramatic result. In these cases, fat can return if weight is added on. In cases where the complete buccal fat pad is removed, fat will not return to this area but can be distributed with other fat cells.

Do I Need Buccal Fat?

No, buccal fat is a facial fat pad which does not serve a functional purpose. In most individuals, the buccal fat pad is cosmetically beneficial to help provide a supple contour to the face. However, in select individuals, particularly those with overly round faces, buccal fat removal may be beneficial to overall facial aesthetics.

What Is Buccal Fat?

Buccal comes from the latin word bucca meaning related to the cheeks. Buccal fat is a discrete area of fat which collects in a pad along the cheek area.

Can I Have Buccal Fat Removed In The Office?

Yes, buccal fat can be removed in an office setting.

What Is The Recovery Like From Buccal Fat Pad Removal?

Typically, most patients are able to return to work the next day with little to no bruising or swelling.

How Long Before I Can See A Result After Buccal Fat Removal?

Usually the immediate results are seen within a week. However, the final result will take about 3 months to be seen.

Do I Need To Eat Special Food After Buccal Fat Removal?

Soft diet and liquids are easier to tolerate early on as there may be swelling in the cheeks.

What Buccal Fat Removal Office Is Near Me?

If you live near Chicago, IL, Anil Shah Facial Plastic Surgery offers buccal fat removal among its services and is conveniently located at 200 West Superior St., Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60654

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Dr. Shah is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who has written over 50 scientific articles including three landmark articles about facial anatomy revolutionizing the way plastic surgery is performed. Dr. Shah specializes in Buccal and takes an analytical approach to patient recovery after the procedure. Based in Chicago, IL; Dr. Shah is not only recognized as one of the top plastics surgeon not only in the city of Chicago, but in the world.

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