What Is Voluma?

It is a type of hyaluronic acid injectable made from Allergan, the makers of Botox. Voluma is FDA approved for use along the midface however can be used off-label in other locations including the following:

  • cheekbones
  • midface
  • temples
  • lips
  • nasolabial folds

Pillowy Lips with Juvéderm Voluma

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Why Have A Voluma Treatment?

Loss of volume in the face is common due to life, in general. Stress and time are our biggest adversaries. Voluma is a treatment that can help restore volume and is made to last long due to its thicker nature than other fillers. Dr. Shah has the expertise to inject Voluma into problem areas and make it appear as natural as possible so the patient could enjoy their new “younger” appearance.

What Should I Expect During Voluma Treatment?

Like other filler treatments in the office, a numbing cream will be applied to injection area before to help minimize the pain. Because of Dr. Shah’s expertise, the actual injections only take a few minutes and the results are immediate. You should expect some minor bruising and swelling but with icing, it should go down within the week.

Are You An Ideal Candidate For Voluma?

Dr.  Shah has experience using Voluma in various locations and has found it can be a nice product option for some patients.  Patients who notice that filler does not last as long as they desire may be a good candidate since it has a longer duration than other hyaluronic acid products.  In addition, Voluma can create a very specific appearance to both lips as well as cheek bones due to its higher G-prime (or product thickness).  In the past, injectors would often just inject the lines.

The use of products like Voluma constitute a new understanding of facial aging involving the midface as well as overall loss of facial of volume.  It is said that we lose a tablespoon of collagen a year starting in our 20’s.  Products like Voluma help patients restore some loss of volume.

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Why Dr. Shah For Voluma?

Dr. Shah uses a variety of facial fillers including Voluma.  Dr. Shah helps select the best product for the patient to help meet their aesthetic goals.  Dr. Shah uses this filler in his unique technique to help augment lips and provide a specific look for patient’s desiring a “pillowy” look.

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What Are Some Of The Benefit Of Voluma?

Voluma is a thicker product and can last up to 2 years. Its duration is often touted, but it can also help with creating both “pillowy” lips as well as enhanced cheekbones. Voluma, since it is a hyaluronic acid product is reversible as well.

Am I Good Candidate For Voluma?

Depending on the look desired, Voluma can be helpful in creating improvement in volume in the face. While meant for cheek enhancement, Voluma has proven to be excellent in adding volume to other areas especially in the lips and the midface.

What Are The Side Effects Of Voluma?

Most common side effects of any filler are bruises and bumps afterwards. Long term bumps after Voluma are rare. With any filler there is the risk of infection or allergic response which is also rare. Finally, injection around a blood vessel is rare and can affect the blood supply to other areas of the body and has been reported in the medical literature.

Does Voluma Cause More Or Less Bruising Than Other Fillers?

Voluma itself does not cause bruising but the entry point via either needle or cannula can cause bruising. Patients should abstain from blood thinners prior to injection.

How Can You Reverse Voluma?

Voluma can be reversed by using an enzyme which helps to dissolve the product which is a hyaluronic acid. This enzyme usually acts quickly, between 24-48 hours.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the skin. Hyaluronic acid (HA) has been used in the face for at least 12 years with a long standing track record of safety.

Who Should Avoid Voluma?

While Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid use of the product.

Is Voluma A Good Value?

Voluma does tend to be more expensive than other fillers. However, the longevity of Voluma helps balance out its value.

Are There Any Discounts For Voluma?

Allergan awards points called Brilliant Distinctions which Dr. Shah’s office participates in.

Can Voluma Be Used With Other Facial Fillers?

Yes Voluma can be used in combination with other facial filler products including Juvederm and Radiesse.

If I Workout Alot Will Voluma Absorb Faster In My Body?

Voluma can absorb differently in different patients. Patients with a high metabolic rate can notice that this filler will not last as long, however, this can vary from patient to patient.

Does Dr. Shah Ever Use Voluma In The Nose?

Dr. Shah prefers the use in the nose for building bridges as it has a longer duration and higher G-prime than many other fillers. In addition, he prefers Voluma in the nose over Radiesse since this filler is reversible and integrates with tissues better.

How Long Does Voluma Last In The Nose?

Many patients can expect Voluma to last about a year in the nose, however there have been patients who have noticed years of duration after injection of the product. It is important to avoid glasses on top of the product as this can lead to indentation and lower duration of the product.

Does Voluma In The Lips Look Different Than Other Products?

Voluma can help fill the pillows of the lip differently than other products as its G-prime is different than other fillers. The look of Voluma is a fuller, more pillowy look than some of the other fillers. Voluma and other fillers both have a role in lip augmentation.

Is Voluma Reversible?

Yes, it can be reversed with an enzyme called hyaluronidase which usually takes between 24 hours to 48 hours to dissolve.

How Much Hyaluronic Acid Is Found In Voluma?

The HA concentration of Voluma is 20mg/ml. It is formulated from a mixture of low and high molecular weight HA.

When Was Voluma Fda Approved?

It was FDA approved on October 2013.

Where Is Dr. Shah Located?

Dr. Shah’s office is located in Chicago, IL (Illinois). If you would like to schedule a consultation, you can schedule an appointment at 312-820-8856.

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