What is Under Eye Filler?

While many patients think of an eyelid lift as the only treatment, in some cases, adding volume with under eye filler may be the answer. As we age, we lose volume, around the face and eyes- this can make the eyes look either hollow or imbalanced between the eye and the cheek. By the selective addition of filler, the eye can look refreshed with little to no downtime.

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How Does Under Eye Filler Work?

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Under the eye rejuvenation with Dr. Shah & Dr. Chughtai is designed to soften the hollows under the eye so that the eye will look more rested. Here are Dr. Shah’s key steps to creating a more rested lower eye:

  1. Diagnosis: The key step is to determine what is the cause of the disharmony in the lower eyelid. In some cases, it could be as a result of a medical condition such as allergies or thyroid condition causing increased swelling or darkness around the eyes. In other cases, a lower lid blepharoplasty or eyelift may most appropriate. A key step in diagnosis is understanding of the underlying anatomy of the lower eyelid area and appreciation of facial aesthetics.
  2. Technique: Injecting facial filler is technically demanding and requires an understanding of proper placement of the material. Dr. Shah uses a specific technique to minimize any palpability of the filler, which is critical due to the thin delicate skin under the lower eyes. Technique is also responsible for minimizing bruising by placing the filler away from the blood vessels in this area. This technique to placing filler was learned by Dr. Chughtai, giving her patients the same results.
  3. Material: Dr. Shah & Dr. Chughtai only recommend the use of a hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvederm or Restylane or the use of autologous fat. He uses fat typically in conjunction with a surgical rejuvenation procedure.

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Recovery Time after Under Eye Filler Treatment

There is no downtime from getting under eye filler.

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Eye Filler Treatment FAQs

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What Can I Expect After A Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation With Under Eye Filler With Dr. Shah & Dr. Chughtai?

Most patients are able to return to work or be restaurant ready that day. Patients will occasionally bruise so they recommend having their treatments at least 2 weeks prior to any big events.

Is The Under Eye Filler Procedure Painful?

There is typically minimal discomfort to this procedure.

How Do You Prevent Pain During Filler Injections?

We normally apply the use of vibrating distraction devices when injecting filler into our patients to minimize any discomfort.

Is There Bruising When Injecting?

If an injector hits a vein, not only will the patient not get the most out of the filler, but they will experience bruising. In the office, we use a device called an AccuVein. This vein finder shines a bright red light that allows us to avoid any veins in the face.

Is Under Eye Filler Reversible?

Yes, there is an agent which can reverse facial fillers with HA background.

Where is Dr. Shah & Dr. Chughtai’s office located?

Dr. Shah is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon & Dr. Chughtai is a board certified physician. Their office is is located in Chicago, IL. at 200 West Superior St., Suite 200.

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