What Is Lip Augmentation

There are different styles to lip augmentation and some patients will want what is known as Hollywood Lips (Angelina Jolie or Versace) lips which are more voluminous and flamboyant (more recently seen in celebrities such as K. Jenner). Other patients will want less volume but more sculpting to their lips known as Paris Lips (Armani lips) which the majority of patients seeking lip augmentation desire.

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Lip Fillers with Dr. Sameea Chughtai

lip augmentation procedure
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Dr. Shah's Approach to Facial Fillers

Dr. Shah prefers the use of hyaluronic facial fillers in the face (NASHA) such as Restylane or Juvederm. While these facial fillers last anywhere between 4 to 6 months, they can create a soft, seductive look to the lips. Dr. Shah does not advocate the use of lip implants or silicone in the lips for several reasons. First of all, silicone in the lips can create small amounts of permanent reaction called granulomas. This reaction is very difficult if not impossible to treat. In addition, a permanent filler can create a permanent problem.

Dr. Shah's Philosophy

Physicians Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai are the only expert injectors in our practice.  They typically use a variety of techniques to achieve natural appearing lips. They currently have the number one Restylane Defyne practice in the Midwest and are number 5 in the entire country.

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Before & After

Lips are the most sensual feature of the face. Patients seeking lip augmentation can be as young as in their twenties to much older patients. Younger patients are often seeking a more seductive look to their face and more volume.

lip augmentation patient

Lip Augmentation 1 | Before

lip augmentation patient

Lip Augmentation 1 | After

*Actual Patient of Dr. Shah – Before and after images showing filler injected in the pillows of the lips.

Older patients seeking lip augmentation often want to restore the lip volume that they once had. As we age the white portion of the lip becomes longer and the red lip becomes shorter. An improved balance is the key to striking a chord between facial harmony and natural youthful rejuvenation.

lip augmentation patient

Lip Augmentation 2 | Before

lip augmentation patient

Lip Augmentation 2 | After

*Actual Patient of Dr. Shah – Before and after images showing filler injected in the commissure (corners) of the lips.

Lip implants do not enhance the appearance of patients, in most instances, and create an overly augmented sausage like look appearance to the lips. Less is more.

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Anatomy Of The Lips

The lips have different areas which can be enhanced with lip filler. Having a great deal of knowledge of the different areas of the lip allows both the patient and Dr. Shah to meet the goal of achieving the ideal look.

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Pillows in the Lips

The pillows of the lip are the central areas of the lips that provide its suppleness . Depending on the person there can be three to two pillows in the upper lip and three to two in the lower lip. By adding filler, we can give these pillows a more plush, fuller appearance.

lip diagram


The commissure are the corners of the lips. As we get older, we start to lose volume in and around the area of the lips, giving a tired, sad appearance. By adding filler, we can return volume to this area, giving off a happier, more youthful look.

lip diagram


The philtrum is the area that connects the nose to lips. With filler, you can create definition and help with flatness in this area of the lip.

lip diagram


The stomal area of the lip is the area that borders the mouth. Some patients that look at this area may notice this gap and see that the stomal could hang below or above this gap. With filler and a delicate touch, we can can even this out.

lip diagram

Vermilion Border

The vermilion border is comprised of two areas. The white border is located on the white portion of the lip (the outer border in the diagram) and the red border in the red portion of the lip (the inner border on the diagram). Depending on which area is augmented, we can further define the lip and give the lips an elegant look.

lip diagram

Types Of Filler For Lip Augmentation

Dr. Shah and Chughtai prefer the use of longer-lasting filler in the lips.  Longer-lasting fillers have the advantage of using less filler over time allowing for filler to last longer than the typical 2-4 months.  Some patients can achieve filler which lasts for a year or more. Dr. Shah and Chughtai prefer the use of hyaluronic-based products in the lips as the products are moldable, reversible, and soft. To see all the different types of Fillers, click here.

Lip Augmentation Techniques

Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai use a variety of filler techniques including specialized small needles, cannula approach and pillow techniques.  Each lip is customized to each patient’s goal.

Alternatives For Lip Augmentation

The alternatives to lip fillers include the use of fat as well as lip implants.  Dr. Shah uses lip implants in select patients who are seeking a long term alternative to lip filler and for patients with extraordinarily thin lips.  Fat can be used to increase the size of lips for thinner lips and typically is done in combination with other procedures.

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Properly Caring Of Your Lips Questions do arise after having lip fillers. Here are some helpful video hints to help with your recovery.

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Recovery Time From Lip Augmentation Procedure

Lip augmentation in Chicago with our team is done as an in-office procedure. Numbing creams are applied prior to the procedure and most patients are able to return to work that day.

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Dear Dr. Shah, I now feel more confident and inspired. You took years off of my face and I feel like I can date again. You are a gifted and amazing surgeon.


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Ethnic Lip Augmentation

Caucasian Lip Augmentation

Fuller lips that compliment the face are seen as a sign of beauty. In Caucasian patients, some may have smaller than ideal proportions of the lip. By adding appropriate amounts of volume to the lip, a subtle transformation to the face can occur. áIn some Caucasian patients, the lip will atrophy with age. áPatients are often forced to wear lip liner, which in of itself can look unnatural. Adding volume along various portions of the lip can create more plumpiness or a more defined line around the lip. 

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Lip Augmentation FAQ

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What Is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is the use of filler or other product to add extra fullness or change the shape of the lips.

Why Have Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is designed to reshape the lips. Certain parts of the lip can be reshaped to improve the balance with the rest of the face. The red portion can be augmented to create fullness. Lips can be adjusted in different dimensions so that patients can feel comfortable in nude lips (without makeup).

What Is The Procedure Like?

The procedure is performed in the office. Most patients have topical numbing which seems to be sufficient. Nerve blocks can be performed for highly sensitive patients upon request. Initially the lips may appear more swollen than desired as a result of edema. Over a period of days, less swelling is seen and the patient can see a truer result of what to expect.

Are There Risks With Lip Filler?

Yes, lip filler can create asymmetries, bruising, infections and vascular issues of the lips. Treatment should be performed by someone trained in facial anatomy.

Is Voluma A Product Which Can Be Used As A Filler In The Lips?

Voluma can be used off-label in the lips. Dr. Shah injects Voluma in a special way to take advantage of its viscosity and plumping properties but still place it is a smooth fashion.

Can Fat Work Instead Of Fillers?

Fat transfer to the lips can be performed both by itself and in conjunction with other procedures. However, around the mouth area, fat has less predictability so patients may need additional procedures after injection.

Can I Return To Work After Lip Filler?

Many patients do in fact return to work the same day as lip filler injections. However, keep in mind that some patients may want more time for recuperation. There may be increased swelling the day after lip injections but it subsides over the course of a few days.

Will I Bruise After Lip Filler?

Bruising can occur but is less common. Bruising can be covered with lipstick or lip gloss if necessary.

Does It Hurt?

With topical numbing cream and a lip block, most patients experience slight temporary discomfort which is finished after lip injection.

Will I Look Overly Plump?

Dr. Shah designs the lip enhancement to be subtle.

Can Men Get Lip Filler?

Women are not the only patients interested in fuller lips. The vast majority of lip augmentation patients are women. Often times, we associate lip augmentation with obvious, too dramatic looking lips. However, there is a small section of men who benefit from lip enhancement. Men who benefit from this are often ones who are image conscious. This includes actors, models, and clients who photograph often. There are also men who notice their lips atrophy with age. Finally, there are patients who have an asymmetry of the lips. Lip augmentation can help balance the lip to create a more symmetrical and attractive face. The subtle recreation of fullness can help restore a youthful appearance. The key to lip enhancement in men is that the result must not dominate the face. Nowhere else in the body is the adage “less is more” appropriate.

Can I Still Shave With More Prominent Lips?

Yes, there is no contraindication shaving after lip enhancement.

What Lip Augmentation Office Is Near Me?

If you live near Chicago, IL, Anil Shah Facial Plastic Surgery offers lip augmentation among its services and is conveniently located at 200 West Superior St., Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60654

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Dr. Chughtai and Dr. Shah are leading edge physicians who are authorities in the arena of lip augmentation in Chicago. They are the Number One Users of Both have been featured in WGN, the Chicago Tribune and other leading press.

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