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Why Choose Dr. Shah For A Male Facelift?

Dr. Shah performs a number of lift techniques to meet each patient’s individual needs. Dr. Shah believes that patients should always look natural and not “windblown.” One of the advantages of Dr. Shah technique is that he eliminates the “plastic” look that comes from a traditional facelift.  Many surgeons pull the skin to create a lift..  Unfortunately, the tight pulling of the skin is not aesthetically pleasing or youthful.  Young faces have a roundness and softness, and are not harsh. To learn more about his technique, click here.

Techniques For Male Facelift

There are several approaches to the male facelift in Chicago with Dr. Anil Shah.  The biggest fear for male patients is avoiding the periauricular scar or scar along the ear.  Dr. Shah takes this into consideration to work with patients on concealing this.  For some patients, a “no scar” approach can be incorporated.

  • Muscle suspension of the neck - With this technique the muscle of the neck and face are suspended and lifted laterally or towards the ears.  Dr. Shah hides the incision behind the ear (post tragal incision) so that the incision is very difficult to see.  He does this more technical approach without shifting the sideburn.  This is for patients seeking the most change to their face and neck.
  • Face and Necktite with ancillary procedures - For patients who can not have an incision along the face, Facetite and Necktite can be used to contract the skin along the neck.  This procedure is not for patients who want a full facelift.  The benefit is much decreased downtime as well as avoidance in some cases of any external scars.  For some patients this can include platysmaplasty, chin implants, and laser resurfacing.  Dr. Shah is one of a select few physicians who performs Necktite and Facetite.
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Male Facelift FAQ

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Does Dr. Shah uses staples?

Dr. Shah does not use staples because he believes it provides an inferior scar and can create long term tracks along incision. He prefers to hand suture every incision to conceal scars.

How does Dr. Shah close my incisions?

He believes in meticulous closure is the key to closing incisions along with proper technique to maximize scar concealment.

Does Dr. Shah uses drains?

He does not use suction drains which can create discomfort for patients in the postoperative period.

Do I need someone to stay with me the first night of the procedure?

Yes, we require a responsible individual to help care for you the first evening. We also work with several aftercare providers who can assist as well for a reasonable fee.

Do I need to stay in the hospital?

Facelift surgery is outpatient and patients recover best at home or in a nearby hotel.

Do I require anesthesia for a facelift?

Yes, patients have a choice, along with Dr. Shah’s recommendation, about which type of anesthesia to utilize. Anesthetic options for a male facelift include local anesthesia, minimal sedation and general anesthesia.

When can I return to work and normal activities?

Most patients can return to work in 7-10 days depending on the individual anatomic characteristics.

When can I exercise?

Many of our patients resume light weights and light cardio 7-10 days after the procedure.

When can I shave?

Male patients can shave immediately after the procedure, but must not shave around the suture sites.

I am a bald male, what are options for me?

Most bald patients who have no hair are challenges for the surgeon. Dr. Shah can recommend improvements based on minimizing incision placement.

Will I lose hair?

Hair is preserved by incision location, type and bevel of incision, and gentle tissue handling.

What are risks in male facelift surgery as compared to women?

Men are more susceptible to formation of blood collections in the face called a hematoma, in part to increased blood supply to the face from facial hair. Dr. Shah minimizes this possibility by having patients avoid blood thinners, control hypertension during the procedure and after, and limit activities for first week in the recovery process.

Where is Dr. Shah’s office located?

Dr. Shah practices is located in Chicago, IL. at 200 West Superior St., Suite 200.

How long do I need to stay in town if I live outside the Chicago and Chicagoland area?

Most patients stay for approximately one week.

Does Dr. Shah like chin implants for male patients?

Dr. Shah prefers patient’s chin to look similar to their younger version. For some patients, chin implants can help create contour if their chin has eroded or decreased in size with age.

Does Facetite and Necktite actually lift the skin?

No, Facetite and Necktite contract the skin which allows for the patient to have fat removed from the neck and face area. If fat was just liposuctioned, patients would have loose skin afterwards. For more information about FaceTite and Nectite, click here.

I have heard of nonsurgical facelifts. What are they and will that work for me?

A nonsurgical facelift can be a variety of approaches including use of fillers, botox, radio frequency, etc. There is potential merit in a select few of these approaches. In our experience, we have found that external radiofrequency devices such as Thermage as well as ultrasound devices such as Ulthera are not effective in creating change to the face. Our office prefers the use of Facetite, Necktite and other alternatives for Dr. Shah’s version of a nonsurgical facelift.

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