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Aging āj -ing More

The process of becoming older which is a combination of genetics and environmental factors.


Loss of hair, can be a result of cautery placed near hair follicles or incision design.




A molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a cellular process which can create free radicals which can impart such changes as damage to cells, death to cells.

Arnicamontana är-ni-k?

A herbal medicine derived from the plant Arnica Montana used to help decrease bruising and recovery. There is limited data to support or refute the efficacy of Arnica. It is found over the counter and does not require a prescription.


Blepharoplastyblef-er-uh-plas-tee More

To change or recontour the eyes, typically by removing excessive skin or fat. Some patients will require fat to be repositoned or transfered to deficient areas.

Botox (Botulinum toxin) bō-?täks More

Is a neurotoxin which can be injected into the face for a variety of treatments including paresis of muscles, reduction in size of masseter muscle, decrease in oil, decrease in sweat, decrease in pore size, and downturned mouth.

Brow liftbrau? lift More

Any procedure or injection which lifts the brow.
Traditional brow lifts are performed with an incision either above the eyebrow or in the scalp. Endoscopic brow lifts involve smaller incisions hidden in the scalp. Fat, fillers, and botox can also be
used to raise the brow.


A plant extract used to reduce inflammation. Interestingly, bromelain is a popular substance in meat tenderizers. There are limited studies to support or refute the efficacy of bromelain as a surgical supplement.

Buccal fat padb?k-?l fat pad

A plant extract used to reduce inflammation. Interestingly, bromelain is a popular substance in meat tenderizers. There are limited studies to support or refute the efficacy of bromelain as a surgical supplement.



Refers to the side of the face bordering the mouth.

Chemical peelkem-i-k?l pēl

A technique used to rejuvenate skin by creating a controlled injury to the superficial structure to the skin. Lighter peels penetrate skin more superficial than deeper peels.


The main component in connective tissue, skin, and wound healing which provides connection and support to tissues. Loss of collagen can result in a loss in support to tissues.



Hollowed or rounded inward (i.e. inside of a satellite dish)


Curved or rounded out (outside of a ball)

Coronal brow lift k?r-?n-?l brau? lift More

A traditional brow lift with a large incision made in the position of a headband. It has the disadvantage of a large scar which may lead to numbness and a longer recovery time.

Crow’s feetkrohz feet

Small wrinkles which radiate out from the eye. Sun and squinting are causes of crow’s feet.


Dermabrasion More

A controlled abrasion of the skin with a mechanical burr, which removes the superficial layers of the skin. Dermabrasion is used in facial rejuvenation and to improve the appearance of scars.


After a surgical procedure, a surgeon may place a tubing. The purpose of the tubing is to remove fluid created by the body and allow flaps raised to heal to each other quicker.

Deep plane faceliftdēp plān fā-?slift More

A facelift where dissection is located deep to the SMAS tissue in the face and release of several facial ligaments.

Down turned lipdau?n t?rn -ed lip

An appearance seen in older patients at rest where the lip appears sad or downturned. Facial fillers, botox, and sometimes surgery are all treatment options.

Dry lipdrī lip



Another word for bruise which is larger than 1 cm and located in the skin.


A specialized scope used to minimize the size of incisions.

Endoscopic browliften-d?-‘skäp-ik brau? lift More

A specialized lift that incorporates the use of a smaller incision in the scalp to suspend the brows.

Endoscopic liften-d?-‘skäp-ik lift

A lift which suspends the face, neck and/or brow through a limited incision.


Facial fillerfā-sh?l fil?r More

An injectable material used to restore facial volume. Can be made up of a variety of temporary, long lasting, or permanent materials.

Faceliftfā-?slift More

A term used to describe a variety of surgical procedures to lift the tissues of the face including a mini lift, deep plane facelift, SMAS lift, imbrication, plication.

Facial nervefā-sh?l n?rv

A term used to describe a variety of surgical procedures to lift the tissues of the face including a mini lift, deep plane facelift, SMAS lift, imbrication, plication.

Fasciafash-(ē-)? More

A layer of connective tissue that surrounds muscles, blood vessels or nerves.

Fat transplantation – fat tran(t)s- ?plan-?tā-sh?n

Also known as fat transfer- a procedure which transfers fat from one area of the body to another. Fat transfer is most commonly used to add volume to the face to improve its appearance.

Fishmouth deformity mau?th di-?f?r-m?t-ē

Stigmata of an overly aggressive facelift, where the mouth appears pulled like a fish’s mouth pulled by a hook.

Forehead shortening procedurefō(?)r-?hed shawr-tn-ing pr?-?sē-j?r

A procedure designed to shorten the vertical distance between the hairline and brow by removing excess skin and concealing the incision in front of the scalp.

Frontal viewfr?nt-?l vyü

As viewed from the front


Glabellagl?-‘bel-? More

(Latin for “hairless”) the area in between the brows right directly above where the root of the nose touches the forehead; the smooth prominence between the eyebrows.


A small nodule which represents a collection of macrophages.



Collection of blood which can may prevent facial flaps from adhering.

Hyaluronic acidhīl-yu?-?rän-ik as-?d More

A natural substance found in connective tissue and skin which is commonly used in facial fillers, lip injections.
Hyaluronic acid is found in Restylane, Juvederm, and a variety of other commercially available facial fillers.


One of the major components making up bones.
Hydroxyapatite is found in the facial filler Radiesse.



An antioxidant used in some topical skin regimens




Jowlsjoul More

A sign of aging when the cheek descends below the jawline.

Juvederm More

A type of facial filler comprised of hyaluronic acid.


kenalogāj -ing More

An injectable steroid sometimes used to decrease hypertrophic scars. Can also be used in facial nodules and granulomas.


LASERlā-z?r More

A device which stimulates light to a specific wavelength.
LASERs can be used in a variety of applications including facial


Of or relating to the side.

Lateral view‘lat-?-r?l vyü

As viewed from the side


The loss of fat tissue.


Malar fat padmā-l?r fat pad

A superficial fat pad which is located directly below the surface of the skin and is not encapsulated.

Mandibular ligamentman-d?-b?l y?-l?r lig-?-m?nt

A ligament located near the prejowl sulcus which can tether a facelift.

McGregor’s patch

A facial ligament which anchors the skin of the cheek to the lower border of the cheek bone.


Being or occurring in the middle.

Menton men-?tän

The chin.

Midface liftmid-?fās lift More

A procedure which serves to help lift the malar fat pad and reposition it with either sutures or an absorbable implant.

Mini lift proceduremini-lift pr?-?sē-j?r More

A facelift which can mean a variety of different lifts but implies a quicker recovery.


Nasojugal fold na’zo jü-g?l ?fōld More

A small groove seen between the nose and lower eye.

Nasolabial foldsna’zo-?lā-bē-?l\ ?fōld More

The tissue seen above the nasolabial line

Nasolabial linesna’zo-lā-bē-?l la?n More

Lines that separate the cheeks from the lips, this line is accentuated with smiling. Aka smile lines.


Death of tissue, may be seen in skin areas in facelift surgery with decreased blood supply.


A raised structure.


Oblique – ō-?blēk

As viewed from an angle, typically 45 degrees.


Platysmapl?-‘tiz-m? More

A superficial thought orignially to be a neck muscle. Later discovered to have a significant facial component.

Plastysmal bandpl?-‘tiz-m? band

A band of muscle seen in the neck.

Poly-L-lactic acidas-?d More

A filler which serves to stimulate the body to replace the filler with collagen by creating a foreign body reaction.

Posterior pō-?stir-ē-?r


Preauricular ?-‘rik-y?-l?r

Postauricular?-‘rik-y?-l?r More

Prejowl sulcuss?l-k?s More


The superior (top) portion of the upper lip which borders the nose. A depressed premaxilla can be a result of overaggressive primary surgery, congenital deformation (i.e. Binder’s syndrome), or even dental abnormality.




An older name for a product renamed Radiesse.

Radiesse More

A facial filler primarily comprised of calcium hydroxyapatite.

Red lip

The red portion of the lip.

Restylane More

A facial filler composed of hyalauronic acid.


Vitamin A derivative used for facial rejuvenation and acne treatment.


Sculptra More

Comprised of poly-l-lactic acid to add facial volume.


A variety of polymers that come in several different forms.
Can be seen in a solid state or gel form. Is used as an implant (solid state) or can be used in a gel format (breast implants, facial injections).


A distinct facial layer which can be pulled posterior superiorly to rejuvenate the aging face.

Step-off deformitydi-?f?r-m?t-ē

Seen in facelifts when poor incision planning is seen within hair bearing and non hair bearing areas.

Subciliary blepharoplastyblef-er-uh-plas-tee More

A lower eyelid procedure where a small incision is made below the lash

Submental incisionsub-‘ment-?l\ in-‘sizh-?n More

A small incision used in chin implantation, facial liposuction, and neck contouring.

Subperiosteal faceliftsub-per-ē-?äs-tē-?l fā-?slift More

A facelift which attempts to lift the face by releasing the facial muscles.

Superior Anatomic

Term describing a body part located closer to the top of the head (Top).

Superiorsu?-?pir-ē-?r Top


A small stitch used to join tissues together.


Temporal tufttem-p(?-)r?l t?ft

The piece of hair which lies superior to the sideburn in the preauricular area.

Tissue gluetish-(?)ü ‘glü

Series of glues used to adhere tissues together.

Transconjuctival blepharoplastyblef-er-uh-plas-tee More

A lower lid blepharoplasty where the incision is made in the conjuctiva or the inside of the eye.


A small portion of the ear which is located in front of the external ear canal.

Turkey neck More



Vermillion border v?r-‘mil-y?n b?rd-?r

Demaraction between the red and white lip.

Vitamin C?vīt-?-m?n C

An antioxidant which is important in the formation of collagen.

Vitamin E?vīt-?-m?n E

Dietary supplement which helps halt oxidation. It is a blood thinner.

Vitamin A?vīt-?-m?n A

A vitamin available in topical and oral formats which can helps create a hormone like function in skin cells.


Wet lipwet lip

White lip

The portion of the skin surrounding the red lip.


Zygoma zī-?gō-m?

A portion of the skull referred which is responsible for cheekbone highlights.

Zygomatic notchzī-g?-?mat-ik More

A landmark for identifying the zygmaticus major portion.

Zygomaticus major muscle?zī-g?-?mat-i-k?s mā-j?r m?s-?l More

A muscle used for facial expression that
also serves as a landmark for the facial nerve.

Zygomatic ligament zī-g?-?mat-ik lig-?-m?nt More

A ligament which is released in deep plane facelift.

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