Posted by Dr. Anil R. Shah

Buccal Fat Removal Vs. Kybella: Achieving Your Aesthetic Goals

Buccal fat removal is the unsung hero that has attributed too many celebrity transformations. The overall objective of this procedure is to slim the lower face. But from full cheeks to contoured lines to nearly chiseled jawlines, the buccal fat removal procedure can add quite a notable edge to some aesthetic appearances.

Perks?  This procedure is a one-time only, minimally-invasive procedure that can be performed in-office.

Buccal fat removal is versatile for all types of faces. Thin faces, like Victoria Beckham’s, can achieve heightened cheek bones, whereas rounder ovaled faces, such as Bella Hadid, can achieve refinement of the jawline.

 This provides a male patient with the “Hypermale” chiseled model aesthetic most are hoping to achieve.  

Regardless of the candidate’s face shape, buccal fat removal can do no wrong. It offers an effortless and natural-looking contour to the face that all patients find satisfaction with.

On the contrary, Kybella can be used to dissolve excess fat.  A lot of patients who want Kybella are looking for a less invasive procedure in order to get back to their daily routine faster.  Although Kybella has had positive results in areas containing fat, it isn’t recommended to use on the buccal fat area.

Overall, if your seeking a more chiseled look in Chicago IL, Buccal Fat Removal is the true “bang for your ‘bucc’” procedure that has offered numerous transformations for people who struggle with lower face fullness.

This procedure offers a versatile contour effect for a vast array of individuals.  With the addition of other plastics treatments, it can help to create a more balanced, proportional, attractive, and photogenic appearance.

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