Revolutionizing Contouring: State-of-the-Art Radiofrequency Tightening Technology

This technology uses state of the art radiofrequency tightening in a safe controlled device used to either contract fat, contract the dermis or both. The main advantage of this device is that in patients where a large surgical procedure was the only option, for select patients a true alternative now exists. This device is a bottom up device which uses temperature controlled apparatus to sense what degree fat is contracting or the dermis is contracting. This allows for patients with excess fat in their abdomen or neck to have the tissue contract rather than sag when fat is removed.

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Why Dr. Shah For This Procedure?

Dr. Shah is an expert in facial anatomy and this procedure involves using a radiofrequency probe underneath the face and neck skin. There are important structures such as nerves and blood vessels present and a facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Shah offers patients additional knowledge than another type of physician may offer. In addition, since Dr. Shah performs both surgical and nonsurgical facelifts he will offer patients the best option for their situation.

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FaceTite & NeckTite FAQ

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Who Is A Candidate For Facetite And Necktite?

Anyone who is seeking either fat removal from the neck or with laxity of the skin. Patients who have extreme laxity or who want vertical lifting will benefit from a facelift. It is important for patients to know the limitations of this procedure.

What Is The Downtime For Facetite And Necktite?

Most patients can look presentable in a few days, however, if additional procedures such as Fractora or platysmaplasty patients can expect a longer recuperation.

When Will I See Results After This Facetite And Necktite Procedure?

Patients can expect to see results typically by the first few weeks. The face and neck will continue to contract over a period of 6 months and even up to a year.

How Long Does Facetite And Necktite Procedure Take?

Necktite takes about 30 minutes by itself to perform. The face will add an additional 15 minutes to the procedure and each additional add on such as Fractora will impact the result.

How Much Does Facetite Or Necktite Cost?

The procedure costs a fraction of what a facelift costs. Each neck and face is different and our office can provide pricing based on your anatomy.

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