Dr. Shah is devoted to furthering the field of facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Shah's techniques represent the state of the art in facial plastic surgery. He has published over 50 scientific articles within the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Shah has written three landmark articles about facial anatomy revolutionizing the way plastic surgery is performed. He has been recognized in Marquis’ Who’s Who in America as well as Best of US as one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the world. Dr. Shah is considered to be an Expert in Facial plastic surgery.

His practice is fully devoted to facial plastic surgery. He is known for his analytical approach and technical excellence. His goal is to create natural appearing final results. He performs State-of-the-Art minimally invasive facial plastic surgery which can maximize results while minimizing recovery time. He works with a large range of patients whose livelihood depends on their face including models, actresses, and the social elite.

About Dr. Anil Shah

Dr. Shah is proud to help the community and organizations which benefit society as a whole. He regularly donates to the following organizations and charities:

Dr. Anil Shah
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Philosophy and Mission

There are many underlying philosophic principles that Dr. Shah incorporates into of his practice and guide him to the highest standard of excellence. First and foremost, he strives to understand each and every patient’s unique perspective and point of view. He believes in treating every patient like a family member, a value Dr. Shah learned from his father, a physician who was renowned for the compassion and empathy with which he treated his patients. With this in mind, Dr. Shah has a better understanding of a patient’s aesthetic issues as well as how the procedure will impact not just the face, but the entire person and make a positive impact on the patient’s life.

Another principle undeniable in Dr. Shah’s practice is balance. Dr. Shah looks at each and every face and tries to bring out the very best in each individual by making his or her features in harmony. This means that the face should work in unison with their whole person and be one with their personality, ethnicity, and aspirations. Rather than assume a paternalistic role, Dr. Shah strives to work with the patient to interpret their desires. Although he has a strong aesthetic, he does not try to impose upon the patient, but rather works to make the patient’s view point understood. By working with patients and for patients, he is able to best understand their aesthetic goals. Often times, Dr. Shah feels that beauty is defined in too narrow a scope. He sees the unique and beautiful characteristics in every patient, and works to make those features shine. Dr. Shah favors a broad definition of what encompasses beauty, assisted in part by his multicultural background and his work with the fashion industry.

While aesthetic changes are very important for some patients, Dr. Shah does not compromise functionality and normalcy. In fact, many procedures are designed to improve the body’s physiology from the inside out.

Another founding principle in Dr. Shah’s work is his dedication to progressing the field of facial plastic surgery; he has written over 50 scientific articles on the subject. Many of his techniques are not published and are entirely unique to his practice. These advances have been cultivated by Dr. Shah’s constant reflection and dedication to make everything better.

Overall, Dr. Shah and his staff understand that facial plastic surgery is a highly personal decision and work to make sure that patients feel comfortable in understanding and realizing their vision.

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About Dr. Shah

Dr. Anil Shah is committed to furthering the field of facial plastic surgery. His techniques represent the state of the art in facial plastic surgery.

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