Revolutionizing Skincare: Intradermal BOTOX for Oil Control

BOTOX for Oily Skin represents the latest technique for lessening the production of skin oils. In fact, Intradermal BOTOX is the only treatment which directly targets the pores, the center of oil production. When all of the pores reduce in size, the surface area of the skin is reduced and the skin is tightened, creating a lift effect. The science behind intradermal BOTOX is to target the muscles which control pore size, the erector pili muscle. When these muscles are effected by BOTOX, the pore size actually will decrease in size, and thus, reduce oil production.

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BOTOX For Oily Skin Therapy

Intradermal BOTOX therapy can be used to decrease lessen oil production, sweat production, decrease pore size and even decrease red and brown marks after acne. Fine lines in areas once thought to be off limits for BOTOX (below the eyes) can now be injected and soften over several weeks.

botox for oily skin patient

botox for oily skin patient

botox for oily skin patient

botox for oily skin patient

Dr. Shah is one of a select handful of physicians in the world who utilize the intradermal technique.

Read Dr. Shah’s article about Interdermal BOTOX for the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Pathogenesis of Facial Aging

Benefits of BOTOX

BOTOX may also provide relief in pain and symptoms from specific cases of TMJ disorders, addressing the necessity of wearing daily or nightly dental appliances.

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