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Skin Cleaning Routine

It is important to get into a skin cleaning routine. Without proper cleansing, dirt and makeup can settle into pores, which can lead to inflammation and blemishes, as well as rendering any skin care products ineffective.

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The First Cleanse

If makeup or SPF has been applied, or if the skin has been exposed to harsh pollution or other harmful elements, then a first cleanse is in order. Massaging in circular motions using light pressure and clean hands, with the exception of the eye area where a much gentler approach is needed, apply makeup remover to dry skin and remove with a wet, clean wash cloth.

The Second Cleanse

This is where the skin truly gets clean as there is no makeup or SPF in the way. This is also a time to use a cleanser with added benefits such as antioxidants or moisture elements to ensure the cleanser gets down to the deepest possible layer. . We suggest using the Puro Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser from our Aesthetic Skin Advanced Medical Skin care line. Again with a massaging motion, work cleanser into damp skin and remove with wet wash cloth. Lightly pat dry, leaving skin slightly damp.


Why does cleaning my skin matter?

Leaving oil, dirt, and makeup is not only unhygienic but also potentially dangerous.  Many makeups have toxic elements found in them.  In addition, dirt and sebum can clog pores making acne a likely result if not otherwise removed.

Do I need an oil based cleanser?

For patients, sometimes trial and error of what removes makeup without causing breakouts is the best option.  Water does not effectively remove oil based products and tends to bead away.  Oil based products can be thoroughly removed sometimes with oil based remover.  An effective makeup remover should be designed to remove the type of makeup you are wearing.

If I want a deeper cleanse are there any other options?

Dr. Shah’s specialized facial called the Aesthetic Skin Aqua Facial is a deeper facial which uses a combination of exfoliants and slight suction to deeply cleanse.  It can be helpful for patients to have a deep cleanse of the skin once a month.

Does exfoliation help with cleansing?

Exfoliation is when your skin sheds of flakes off and newer fresher skin is seen underneath.  Exfoliation can be achieved with retinols, chemical peels, lasers, and dermaplaning.  It helps keep the skin fresh.  When skin is a state of exfoliation, it is often easier to clean and unclog.

What should I look for in a cleanser?

There is a science to cleansers and patients should seek a product which meets their different skin needs:  aging skin, acneic skin, combination skin, and seasonality of the skin.

Do I need a different cleanser for different seasons?

You may benefit from a cleanser that preserves moisture in the winter and dries the skin  more in the summer.

Can I sleep in my makeup?

Sleeping in makeup, no matter the brand, will lead to clogged pores and potential inflammation of the skin.  Removing makeup and dirt at night is not only a good habit, it can help your skin look its best.

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