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A lot of times when we talk about laser hair removal, we talk about laser hair removal on women.  Warmer weather brings out less clothes, and more time on the beach. Getting a bikini wax to show off your summer body is very popular, but with the advancement in lasers a lot of women have been getting laser hair removal to reduce the amount of hair growth therefore resulting in longer results.

Believe it or not, more and more men are booking their laser hair removal appointment in Chicago!

Getting hair rem Not all men want to remove their hair, but for some men, removal of hairs allows them to gain focus on their muscles, and make everything look bigger.  

Men can get as many different areas of hair removed from their intimate areas. This can include the hair on the butt cheeks, hair surrounding the anus, and the hair around the genital area, including on and around the penis.

Hair is often seen on the shaft of the penis and can surround the penis on the area above it. A lot of men think this makes the penis look smaller. The use of laser hair removal here can help the patients have a permanent reduction in hair growth.  

In some cases laser hair removal on men can show off an extra inch or two!  Who doesn’t want that? 

5 Steps to successful hair removal using lasers on men 

  1. Clean Yourself     Before coming to the office, take a little bit of extra care so that you don’t feel like things are dirty and that your provider won’t be shocked by anything. 
  2. Don’t Shave     The laser needs a target.  If you just shaved, wait a day or two before coming into the office.  
  3. Choose The Right Provider     It is important you choose a provider that will make you feel comfortable.  Our laser hair removal office in Chicago, has both men and women who are trained in all areas of the body for sexes.  
  4. Healing Ball     This helps a lot of patients look their best, and heal faster after their laser hair removal treatment.  
  5. Don’t Show up tan in bikini area     Laser hair removal works best with lighter complexions.  For the best results, make sure you’re not tanning areas you wish to have your laser hair removal at.  
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Happy Thursday, everybody! Today, in honor of the #WorldCup, I had a special World Cup Competition / #treatmentthursday of my own for Laser Hair Removal. While I feel that all devices have their place, I wanted to answer the question, “WHICH IS THE FASTEST DEVICE?” In one corner is the DIOLAZE. In the other corner, the DIODE LASER and the IPL LASER. And the field of competition? My back and my chest. Which one has the Eye of the Tiger? Which one goes for the gold? Which one goes… all… the… way? You’ll have to watch and find out. Special thanks to my chest and back for being donated in the name of science.

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We only use the best laser: Diolaze by inmode .  The Diolaze has a larger spot size and is much more powerful.  These two metrics make the Diolaze one of the best lasers for laser hair removal.  The Diolaze is also equipped with a top of the line cooling plate. Our patients have said that the Diolaze laser is far more comfortable compared to competitors and past models.

The benefits of laser hair removal for men can be intense. Oftentimes it’s difficult for people to tell whether someone’s had laser hair removal or not! 

Some results are so great for men, that this is the beginning of providing more attention to their body and sculpted look.  It starts with their chest, abs, arms, then eventually the area around the bikini area.  

For some men, this will lead to other steps for a bigger effect. 

To learn more about laser hair removal for men, click here to book an appointment and get your body ready for the beach!

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