Posted by Dr. Anil R. Shah

. Superficial fat can be treated by Kybella or neck liposuction.  While there are important structures in the neck superficially, most of the important structures are deep within the neck.  So why contour this area if there is potential risk?

First of all, we DON’T recommend going to a surgeon who just dabbles in necks.  You NEED an EXPERT in facial anatomy and someone whose practice is devoted to face and neck anatomy.  If you see breast lifts and tummy tucks on a surgeon’s list of services, it is highly likely they will NOT be able to perform a deep neck contouring procedure.

So along the deeper fat, there are a few important structures.  First of all, the deeper fat must be excised and there are blood vessels which surround this area. In addition, there are vital nerves that control the face right in the middle and sides of the neck.  Finally, there are muscles which can bleed and overly other important anatomic structures.  

So why would you want to reshape the deep structures of the neck?  The fundamental reason is that this leads to the best neck results.  In Dr. Shah’s hands, the risks are minimized.  In fact, he used to do this procedure only under general anesthesia, but now that he has performed over a thousand (yes, that is right!!!) he actually can perform this procedure under local anesthesia with mild oral sedation. The main reason is that he essentially has had NO major issues with this approach and that has allowed his patients the benefit of his experience as well as the chance to do this procedure without major anesthetic risk.

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