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Reduction Rhinoplasty by Dr. Anil Shah

What Is Reduction Rhinoplasty?

Reduction Rhinoplasty is where the nose is brought closer to the face and made overall smaller.  With recent updates, Dr. Shah from Chicago, IL is able to make larger changes to the nose to allow for overall reduction of the nose in multiple dimensions.  Many surgeons will make a change in the shape of the nose WITHOUT changing the overall size, making the nose shape different BUT not smaller.  With reduction rhinoplasty, Dr. Shah will maximize the amount of anatomic reduction possible for your nose to help achieve an improved form.

All patients who want rhinoplasty for their nose want a different nasal form, but many who seek rhinoplasty want a smaller shape.  Reduction rhinoplasty involves moving the nose closer to the face to allow for a smaller nose overall.  

How to reduce the overall size of the nose?

  1. Nasal Bridge Height: This step can be accomplished in a variety of techniques. Dr. Shah does not use a hammer and chisel to reduce the nose size as he finds that this to be inaccurate for most patients. He prefers the use of powered instrumentation to help achieve better results.
  1. Nasal Tip: The key step here is to reduce the dimensions of the cartilage without creating bulk.  Recently, many doctors have advocated for the approach of placing bulky cartilage grafts to reduce the nasal tip.  This technique can work well for REVISION cases but for many patients can create a stiffer and larger nose than desired.  Many times, with appropriate reshaping, the nasal tip can be made into a smaller shorter format without the need for extensive grafting.  
  1. Soft tissues: If the amount of structural change is large, the remaining soft tissue and skin must also be reduced.  Dr. Shah reduces a variety of the tissues to help the nose accommodate the new resultant form.


Q: Can I make my nose as small as I want?
A: No, you are limited by your anatomy.

Q: Can I have any shape or celebrity nose I want?
A: No, no and no!!! You are limited by your anatomy and can use noses for inspiration but not for an actual result.

Q: Will nasal imaging look exactly like my nose?
A: No, it never is for ANY surgeon.  The imaging is a guide to help see what form you want for your nose and varies.  Typically, the nose looks similar to your imaging.

Q: How does Dr. Shah know he can reduce my nose?
A: Dr. Shah uses 3D imaging and discusses your nose goals to make sure you are getting the nose you have dreamed of.

Q: How can I book an appointment?
A: Please call or text our office here. We are located in Chicago, IL. at 200 West Superior St., Suite 200.

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