Posted by Dr. Anil R. Shah

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This mini podcast is talking about preservation rhinoplasty. So essentially originally preservation rhinoplasty was describing more than a hundred years ago. And the concept of preservation of rhinoplasty is quite simple rather than taking the bump down from the outside. You go underneath the bump, drop the whole structure and intend to improve everything. Um, the idea with this is if you like the existing safe of your roof, or in this case, your bump, you’re just going to make it lower. And this technique has become a popular, uh, in some circles over the last five years or so. And it’s a technique that I use in select cases. The idea with preservation rhinoplasty is a small amount of cartilage from the inside or under surface. If the nose is going to be removed, the outside of the nose will look roughly the same and it’s going to be dropped down and then you can make subsequent changes to the tip.

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