Posted by Dr. Anil R. Shah

Nasal hair is something we are supposed to have. Vibrassae, the medical term for nose hair, serves to help filter particles and air. However, overly long nasal hair is probably not high on our list of attractive. So what are you supposed to do prior to a rhinoplasty? Pluck, clip, or leave it alone.

The answer depends on the timing of the procedure. If you are having a procedure within a week, the best answer would be to do nothing, but if you must do something, trim your hairs don’t pluck them. The reason for this is that manipulation of nasal hair can cause an ingrown hair or infection of the follicule termed a folliculitis. In some patients, this can lead to an abscess. Pulling nasal hairs is definitely more likely to cause a folliculitis than trimming hairs with either a scissors or a nasal hair trimming device.

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