Posted by Dr. Anil R. Shah

Okay. So I’m talking about a controversial topic here… Politics. And none other than Joe Biden. And I don’t really actually care about Joe Biden’s policies and this and that and who you voted for. What I’m talking about is Joe Biden’s Botox. That’s right. To me as a Botox injector, . Of course he does. He’s almost 80 and no one in their eighties is gonna have a perfectly smooth forehead. Not with some intervention. My biggest issue with Joe Biden Botox is it’s pretty obvious. They don’t soften the lines above his brows. Now, oftentimes we’ll see him with these peaked really overly arched kind of weird facial expressions. That’s an example, in my opinion, of bad Botox.

And so what can Joe Biden do?

Well again, I’m not speaking about politics. That’s not my area of expertise. I’ll let all the political pundits and TV stations and whoever voted for who decide that. For me, I’m gonna talk about what he can do about his Botox. He should try microdosing his Botox low along his forehead. He’s got a low setting brow, but he’s got an overly active frontalis in that area. Extremely difficult to do. You need to have expertise in that. So… 

What should Joe Biden do?

He should up his budget on his Botox. Go to someone who’s gonna treat the lower area of that frontalis and will have a much more cohesive look instead of having this distinct hyperactive area below and no movement above.

Sorry, I didn’t get too political here, but it is what it is.

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