Posted by Dr. Anil R. Shah

So in the news, Tom Brady has decided to come back and play one more year as quarterback for the Tampa bay bucker. This is pretty outstanding because he would be one of the oldest quarterbacks of all time. Recently, LeBron James has gone off for two 50 point games and he’s in its late thirties. And as we’re looking at these athletes who seem to be defined the age that they are and defined father time to me, it’s just as equally remarkable that we’re seeing actresses who are acting for way longer than they would’ve as the heroine men playing the hero, the alpha a character for way longer than they would’ve in years past. And so the beauty of this is that science medicine has evolved to a point where we’re able to keep athletes playing well into their forties. If they take care of themselves, if they do what’s right.

And for patients who want to look good and look right, there are a lot of tools that we didn’t have even 10 years ago, 15 years ago, surgeries have gotten so much better. . And if you’re going to look your best, there’s so many tools that are available to you right now. The biggest mistake most patients make, I think, is thinking about one area that bothers them, focusing on that in getting a deal on that. We have so many patients who say, you know what? I wanna inject my lips. They focus on their lips. They’re getting their lips injected over and over again. And they look kind of ridiculous. And the main reason they look ridiculous is they’re not paying attention to other areas of their face. You have so many tools at your disposal. Why focus on one area? If you go to someone all they do is inject lips.

You’re gonna just get that at this day and age to look your best and do your best. You want comprehensive care. And that means doing what you can do on your own to exercise and eat well, and think about being like one of these athletes, and then to look your best means to do whatever it means to get the comprehensive care that you need to make sure that your hair, your skin, your face, your neck, your eyes, your body is what you want it to be. You don’t have to change this, but if you do want to change it, you can. So we’re in a wonderful age, a wonderful time where a lot of us can defy you know, defy father time for a little bit longer. And again, we’re seeing athletes, are we gonna be seeing athletes going to their fifties, playing quarterback? Are we gonna see presidents going into their nineties? And what are the kinds of things we’re gonna see in the future? Amazing times.

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