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This article does not endorse any political candidates. This is just observations. Seriously choose the right candidate based on platforms and beliefs that suit you.


The stakes have never been higher as this political race comes into a fever pitch.  Joe Biden is polling in the lead out of the 19 candidates for the Democratic Party. Presidential candidates must convey their politics, and beliefs to the best of their abilities but in the eyes of the people, one must portray themselves as young and energetic.  This is important because of how we live our lives in 2019. Joe Biden’s age of 76 looks old on paper, but with a hair transplant, and possible aesthetic touch ups; Joe Biden doesn’t look a day over 60.

We know that they’re are natural ways to stop aging such as: dieting, working out, and sleeping right, but at Joe Biden’s age what are his options?  Certainly, Joe Biden’s denchers didn’t help anything.  

Goodnight everyone! May you dream of Joe Biden's teeth almost falling out of his mouth on live television. #DemDebate

— Splinter (@splinter_news) September 13, 2019

What would you do to help rejuvenate your appearance?

For Joe Biden, the solution would to get surgery to look his youngest.  Unfortunately, it looks like there are some design elements affecting his lift.  Joe Biden is not your average citizen. Why did he then subject himself to a below average facelift?

Here are some technical issues to point about his facelift:

Fig. 1 – Scarring Behind The Ear.Fig. 2 – Dimpling In Front of the Ear. • Fig. 3 – Scarring Beneath The Ear. • Fig. 4 Lateral Sweep Deformity in the Lower Neck & Face.

  • 1- He has a scar located in front of his posterior hairline. Male facelift should have scar hidden within hair.
  • 2- Notice bunching of his neck skin posteriorly. Skin should have been released, giving a more natural, smooth appearance.
  • 3- He still has extra tissue in his neck. Just saying if you are going to get a lift- there should be a different
  • 4- His scar is visible in front of his ear. Hypopigmentation is seen and this makes the scar wider and quite visible.
  • 5- He has a lateral sweep deformity in lower portion of his neck and face
  • 6- He has pitting along the lower side of his face

So how would Joe Biden fix these issues with his facelift?

  • 1- I would lift up muscle of face instead of skin. This avoid lateral sweep, giving the face a more natural look instead of an over-pulled appearance.
  • 2- Reposition scars posteriorly along his hairline.
  • 3- Remove excess skin along posterior neck.
  • 4- Lift up excess skin along neck.

In order to perform a proper and precise facelift, one must be an expert in facial anatomy and have the experience necessary to master the art of the facelift

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