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If you watch Joe Biden’s face you might note some unnatural expressions.  A seasoned politician and Democratic Nominee hopeful might want to work on this but let’s discuss why Botox in Joe Biden’s face might be a difficult aesthetic procedure.

Please note, we are not endorsing nor disparaging Joe Biden in any way.  People attempting to look their best and present the best version of themselves is what we are all about!

One reason might be that Botox along his face would most likely not able to treat the lines above his brows.  The muscles above the brow act to lift the brow.  If Botox is placed in the lines, it is highly likely his brows will fall which will likely lead to a heavier-than-normal appearance of his brows and create either an angry or tired appearance.  On the contrary, having lifted brows with a smoother forehead will lead to a more pleasing countenance and create a gentler look.

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However, since Joe Biden is in his late 70’s, forehead lines are normally present.  People are living longer and accomplishing more at later ages.  While it may seem that late 70’s might be too old to run for president in the past, advances in medicine have been making it possible for people to live longer, healthier lives.

Botox has become ubiquitous in our society. Its everywhere! Do 60 and 70 year old patients in Chicago come in for Botox with Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai?  Of course! Patients of every gender and age want to move up in the workforce, become active in the dating space, and most importantly, look their absolute best! Botox is only going to become more and more popular for years to come. Until there is something that can single handedly perform exterior anti-aging: Botox will be the answer!

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At Shah Aesthetics, we prefer a natural Botox appearance. If Mr. Biden were to have Botox, he should consider low dose Botox microunits above his brow to help soften the lines without dropping his brows.  The key would be is to see how the frontalis muscle (elevator of the brow), orbicularis oculi (eye muscle) and temporal fusion plane interact to create a specific treatment plan to create a natural line free forehead that move.  

Running for President of The United States requires a candidate to look young, strong, vital and experienced: The all-in-one package.  By using Botox or some other neuromodulator, Joe Biden can help change his outer appearance to match his inner self. 

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