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Virtual Consultations

If you are a patient traveling from outside the greater Chicago or Chicagoland area, you may request a preliminary screening electronically, which our office terms a virtual consultation. This offers patients the unique opportunity to get feedback and speak with Dr. Shah directly.

What is a Virtual Consultation?

  • An opportunity to get preliminary feedback from Dr. Shah
  • A chance to speak with Dr. Shah directly via Skype or telephone
  • Determine if you are a candidate for surgery before traveling to Chicago.
  • Learn Dr. Shah's recommendation based on the provided information
  • Hear Dr. Shah's proposal for your case
  • Learn about an estimate of cost for proposed procedure.

What is a Virtual Consultation NOT?

  • A virtual consultation is not a substitution for a face to face consultation. All patients seeking surgery with Dr. Shah must meet with him prior to surgery.
  • Dr. Shah is unable to perform photo imaging for a virtual consultation. He believes accurate photo imaging can only be conducted after an in person examination.
  • Dr. Shah receives hundreds of virtual consultation inquiries. For this reason, virtual consultations are intended to last between 5-10 minutes.
  Virtual Consultations Chicago

If Dr. Shah believes the patient is a candidate for surgery, and the patient feels comfortable with the level of feedback, you may elect to schedule a consultation and surgery on the same trip. Alternatively, a consultation can be scheduled and surgery can be scheduled on separate trips if the patient desires. See our Out of Town page for more information and FAQs about your travel to Dr. Shah.

All patients will be examined thoroughly prior to any surgical intervention with Dr. Shah. It is possible that Dr. Shah will have a different surgical opinion once examined in person.

This service is based on limited and incomplete information and can not be construed as medical advice.

To schedule a Virtual Consultation:
Fill out our Contact Form or email shah@shahfacialplastics.com
Submit photographs to the email above. For information on what photographs to submit, read our Photo Instructions.
If you have a web camera, and wish to do a Skype Virtual Consultation, please provide Dr. Shah's office with your Skype user name. (Learn more about setting Skype for our Virtual Consultations.)

Our office staff is happy to assist you in this process. Please call us at 312.944.0117 with any questions.