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Terms of Use

This web page provides information about Dr. Anil Shah's facial plastic surgery practice. Dr. Shah makes no guarantee about the completeness or accuracy of the information on this web page, nor are there any guarantees that the list of procedures or treatments described provided are complete or up to date. All information on treatments should be verified through Dr. Shah's office.

This website is not to be used as a substitute for professional medical opinion or advice. Visitors to Dr. Shah's site should consult a physician, plastic surgeon or other health care professional prior to choosing to undergo any treatment or procedure, to be sure that the treatment is recommended for each patient's, taking into consideration their circumstances and medical history.

Facial plastic surgery and treatments and diagnoses change constantly. Dr. Shah cannot assure the web viewer that the information on this website is the most up to date available. Dr. Shah shall not be held accountable for any consequences that result from actions taken by viewers of this site.

All the materials provided on this site are protected and belong exclusively to Dr. Anil Shah. This material may not reproduced, retransmitted or reprinted without permission. Dr. Shah's logo and all other visuals- photographic or otherwise- may not be used under any circumstance without the permission of Dr. Shah.