Rhinoplasty Incisions

Columellar Incision   Transfixion Incision   Kilian Incision
Hemitransfixion   Weir   Marginal
Intercartilaginus   Wedge   Rim

Columellar Incision
an incision made along the columella in an external rhinoplasty approach. The columellar incision is typically made midway between the nostril and base of the columella. It can be a variety of shapes, most commonly using the inverted V incision or a stairstep incision.

Transfixion Incision
an approach to the septum where the incision is made through both sides of the membranous septum.

Kilian Incision
an approach to the nasal septum where an incision is made 1 to 2 cm posterior (behind) the caudal edge of the cartilaginous septum. It is considered to be less disruptive to the nasal tip support mechanisms.

Hemitransfixion incision
an approach to the septum where the incision is made in the membranous septum, which is anterior the cartilaginous portion of the septum. The incision does is through one side of the membranous septum.

Weir / Sill Incision
a non-specific term used to describe an incision that narrows the alar base.

Marginal Incision
an incision made at the caudal (lower) endof the lower lateral cartilage.

Intercartilaginous Incision
an incision that is made at the junction of the upper lateral cartilage and the lower lateral cartilage.

Wedge Incision
an incision made between the nose and cheek to narrow an alar base.

Rim Incision
an incison made along the rim of the nostril.