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Pre/Post Op FAQs

How long does it generally take for the anesthesia to wear off?
It usually takes about 24 hours to be completely out of your system for general anesthesia.  For IV sedation it can take about 12 hours for the effects to be removed.  Local anesthesia takes about 12 hours if Marcaine is used and 4 hours if Lidocaine is used.

Is there anything I can take that will speed up recovery time, reduce bruising, etc?
Some patients try Arnica, Bromelein, Pineapple Juice or Vitamin K cream. 

Does Dr. Shah use Arnica or Sine Ecch?
He does not believe that Arnica or Sine Ecch will impact healing time/recovery/bruising.
None of the scientific literature support it's use either. Patients should follow pre and postop instructions, and the the best way for a rapid recovery is gentle touch and technique by the surgeon. Most of our patients are comfortable enough to go in public at one week.

I have never taken a prescription pain pill before and have a sensitive stomach. Are there any alternatives to this?
If you are unable to tolerate the prescription pain pill you may switch to Tylenol Extra Strength or Ultram. 

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