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The Eface is a web tool designed to provide patients with focused information on facial plastic surgery procedures, based on their ethnicity and gender.

Plastic Surgery Articles ChicagoARTICLES:
All of the articles on this website have been authored or coauthored by Dr. Shah. His unique viewpoint about facial plastic surgery are highlighted, with several of the articles published exclusively for Plasticpedia.

Illinois Pre / Post Operative Surgery Instructions

Step by step guide for preparing for procedures with Dr. Shah, as well as do's and don't for how to make the most out of your recovery.

Face Analysis Illinois
Face Analysis and in particular aging face analysis can help demonstrate some of the areas which can be improved in aging face surgery.

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Not all information on this website will be able to answer a web viewers question. Contacting Dr. Shah is quick and easy with the contact Dr. Shah icon located at the bottom of each web page.

All material on this website is not intended to serve as medical advice or diagnosis. All treatment should be based solely upon recommendations based upon an in person visit with your physician.

A Plastic Surgery Resource for Patients

Welcome to Plasticpedia, a patient resource for information about facial plastic surgery procedures by Dr. Anil R. Shah. Dr. Shah believes a well informed patient will make the best decision regarding which plastic surgery procedure is best, if any. Found in Plasticpedia are rhinoplasty and facelift glossaries, nasal anatomy and facial anatomy information, information on the types of rhinoplasty and aging face procedures, a guide to grafts in rhinoplasty, a facial analysis tutorial, and a collection of scientific articles published by Dr. Anil Shah.

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