Otoplasty is a procedure in which the ear can be reshaped through a variety of techniques, in order for the ear to look less prominent. In most cases, the procedure is done through a post auricular incision which hides evidence of having had a previous procedure. Dr. Shah tailors the procedure to each patient's needs so that the overall result is a natural appearance to the shape of and form of the ear.

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Ear reshaping requires a surgeon who not only specializes in facial anatomy, but has a keen eye in facial aesthetics. Approximately 5% of the population have overly prominent ears. Otoplasty is the name of the procedure where a part or parts of the ear are reshaped so that the ear looks less prominent.

Otoplasty surgery with Dr. Shah is typically a relatively pain free experience. He has pioneered a technique that allows him to perform otoplasty as an in office procedure. In addition, he has coauthored an article on Otoplasty which describes generalities about the procedure.

Many patients opt to have the procedure performed as in office procedure, avoiding general anesthesia and expedite recovery tremendously. Many patients are able to return to work 3-4 days after the procedure.

Dr. Shah uses a variety of techniques to create a more aesthetically pleasing ear. He uses a combination of suture techniques and excisional techniques specific for your ears. This customized approach allows for your ears to be fit for your face. He avoids an overly done look by his modification of techniques allowing for a natural appearing ear.


Anatomy and Analysis Ear Chicago, IL

Anatomy and Analysis: Learn the anatomy and parts of the ear, as well as Dr. Shah's analysis of the ear.



Otoplasty Techniques Illinois
Otoplasty Techniques: There are several techniques for otoplasty (ear reshaping) that are used to help reshape the ear. Each technique is used for a different aspect in ear reshaping.


Chicago Prominent Helix

Prominent Helix
: The prominent helix is typically caused by a failure of the antihelical fold to form. This can cause the ear to stick out further from the mastoid (back of ear) then desired. Learn what Dr. Shah recommends to address this area.



Prominent Bowl Illinois

Prominent Bowl
The conchal bowl is the portion of the ear that can make the cup of the ear look too prominent. Learn about the technique Dr. Shah utilizes in this area.



Stretched and Aged Earlobes Chicago, IL

Stretched and Aged Earlobes
Earlobes can become stretched with age, loss of elasticity, or the use of heavy earrings over time. Learn what can be done to rejuvinate the ear.




Cauliflower or Wrestler's Ear: Cauliflower ears or wrestler's ear is when a hematoma occurs in the ear. The excess blood creates a hard material called neocartilage. This can lead to obstruction of the normal landmarks of the ear and create visible deformity of the ear. Learn how Dr. Shah is able to correct this.

Babies and Toddlers: Prominent ears are common in babies as well as toddlers. Learn about the steps to take if parents and children decide to reduce ear size in children.


Chicago Articles Otoplasty

ARTICLES: Dr. Shah has authored over 50 scientific articles including many on otoplasty. All of the articles on this website have been authored or coauthored by Dr. Shah. His unique viewpoint about facial plastic surgery are highlighted, with several of the articles published exclusively for Plasticpedia. Browse now.

Plasticpedia Chicago

PLASTICPEDIA: Found in Plasticpedia are links to further facial glossaries, facial anatomy and procedure types, articles on facial aging, and more. Read more.


Illinois EFaceETHNIC FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY (EFACE): Did you know that ear shape and size varies among different ethnicities. The term "ethnic" is often used to describe any patient who is of non-caucasian origin. Most patients are seeking improvements that work with their facial features and ethnicity, not to change their racial identity. Dr. Shah has subdivided ethnic plastic surgery into a few backgrounds because the differences between the ethnic characteristics can be quite large. Read more.

Facial Plastic Surgery Timeline Illinois
Many patients ask at what age can a patient have a facelift (or other procedure)? This timeline is intended to serve as general information on the ages at which patients may seek a procedure such as a facelift. See more.

International and Out of Town Patients Chicago

COMING FROM AFAR: Dr. Shah sees a large amount of patients from all over the world. Using current technologies, such as video chat, Skype, and email, Dr. Shah makes traveling from afar a less daunting task. Begin the process .

Facelift Glossary Illinois
Understanding your facial feauture and how they age can seem daunting. Use this guide to help to know ytour jowl from your pre jowl sulcus or your nasal labial fold from your marrionette lines.
Learn more.

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Chicago, IL AgingFace Anatomy
FACIAL ANATOMY: Facial anatomy plays an important role in both analysis and the underlying cause of the facial aging. A simplified version of external points on the face are illustrated to facilitate communication. Learn more.

Innovations in Illinois
Innovations BY Dr. Shah
Dr. Shah has innovated on aided in the innovation of manynew discoveries in facial plastic surgery. Read more.

Illinois Otoplasty FAQs

Otoplasty Frequently Asked Questions
Have more questions about the otoplasty procedure or recovery? Read otoplasty faqs here.