Rhinoplasty is perhaps the most difficult operation to perform in facial plastic surgery. Every nose is different so the surgeon must be comfortable with a myriad of techniques. Certain noses are best for endonasal rhinoplasty, while others mandate an open procedure.

Dr. Anil Shah is one of the only plastic surgeons in the world to perform both procedures at a high level.  He has trained with one of the world's revision experts and arguable the two best endonasal surgeons in the world. 

This is highly advantageous to patients in that he performs rhinoplasty without bias, allowing Dr. Shah to truly tailor each nose to the individual patient. Patients often seek Dr. Shah in part because his viewpoint and assessment.    Dr. Shah's rhinoplasty Chicago practice is located in Chicago.

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Rhinoplasty is the procedure where the nose is reshaped so that form and/or function of the nose is changed. Without question, rhinoplasty requires a surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery of the face. Dr. Anil Shah has a unique approach to rhinoplasty, based not just on developments he has published in the scientific literature, but many techniques which have not been described elsewhere. His expertise in rhinoplasty is seen in the large amount of patients who travel from all over the world to have Dr. Shah perform their surgery. He is trusted by "beauty insiders" for his keen aesthetic eye. As a testament to his quality of work, Dr. Shah is one of the most requested rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. Last year he performed 308 rhinoplasty procedures, putting him in the top 1% of plastic surgeons internationally.

PHILOSOPHY: How Is Dr. Shah Different?

Anil R. Shah, MD Chicago, ILDr. Shah's aesthetic values in the nose distinguish him from his colleagues. He does not believe in a singular form of beauty and as such has a wide aesthetic range. He believes in a customized approach for rhinoplasty. As such, he performs limited rhinoplasty cases per day. This is in part due to the massive amount of preparation and detail work required to create a nose at the highest standards. Dr. Shah has a diverse breadth of training in both open and closed rhinoplasty. He is well published in the scientific literature in facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty, however, many of his techniques have not been published, presented, or performed elsewhere.


Case Study in Revision Rhinoplasty Illinois



Rhinoplasty Incisions ChicagoRHINOPLASTY INCISIONS: Incisions play a significant role in rhinoplasty. Learn about the different types of incisions used in rhinoplasty. Read more



Rhinoplasty Photo gallery Illinois
RHINOPLASTY PHOTO GALLERY: The before and after gallery represents a small fraction of the patients Dr. Shah has operated on. He has many more example of his work in his office. The gallery is intended to show a variety of aesthetics. All pictures shown are patients of Dr. Anil Shah. See photos.

Nasal anatomy Illinois
KNOW YOUR NOSE: Nasal anatomy plays an important role in both diagnosis and the underlying cause of the nasal problem. A simplified version of external points on the nose are illustrated to facilitate communication. Learn more.

Types of Rhinoplasty Chicago

TYPES OF RHINOPLASTY: Every nose is different, and thus, every rhinoplasty is different as well. Learn about various types of rhinoplasty including Male Rhinoplasty, Alar Base Reduction, Deviated/Crooked Nose, Septoplasty, Finesse Rhinoplasty, Saddle Nose Deformity, Broken Nose and more.

Illinois Guide to Grafts

GUIDE TO GRAFTS: What are grafts? Do I need them in my nose? Dr. Shah has authored an informative guide to help patients better understand what a graft is. See more.

Septoplasty Chicago, IL

Septoplasty is the alteration of the nasal septum to straighten the airway and/or remove cartilage for cartilage grafting. The nasal septum is a structure composed of cartilage in bone in the middle of your nose. Read more.


Chicago Nasal Physiology
NASAL PHYSICS: For many patients who can't breathe from their nose, the last thing they want to think about is physics. However, it is the precise understanding of several principles in physics which allows a nose to function and breathe as ideally as possible.
Read more.

Illinois Rhinoplasty Glossary
LEARN TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF RHINOPLASTY: Understanding your nose can seem daunting. Use this guide to help to know your alar base from your bridge or your glabella from your columella. Learn more.

Pre and Post Operative Instructions Rhinoplasty Illinois
PRE AND POST OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS: Dr. Shah's office will help you through you pre and post operative preparation and recovery. On this page, you will find an overview of instructions, as well as medications to avoid before and after a procedure and more. Read more.

Illinois Procedure timeline
PROCEDURE TIMELINE: Many patients ask at what age can a patient have a rhinoplasty (or other procedure)? This timeline is intended to serve as general information on the ages at which patients may seek a procedure such as a rhinoplasty. See more.

Plasticpedia Chicago, IL

PLASTICPEDIA: Found in Plasticpedia are links to further rhinoplasty glossaries, nasal anatomy and facial anatomy information, information on the types of rhinoplasty and aging face procedures, a guide to grafts in rhinoplasty, a facial analysis tutorial, and a collection of scientific articles published by Dr. Anil Shah. Read more.

Chicago Plasticpedia Articles

PLASTIC SURGERY ARTICLES: Dr. Shah has authored over 50 scientific articles. All of the articles on this website have been authored or coauthored by Dr. Shah. His unique viewpoint about facial plastic surgery are highlighted, with several of the articles published exclusively for Plasticpedia. Browse now.

Virtual Consultations Illinois

VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS: Dr. Shah sees patients from all over the world. If you are a patient traveling from outside the greater Chicago or Chicagoland area, you may request a preliminary consultation via phone or video chat. This offers patients the unique opportunity to get feedback and speak with Dr. Shah directly before traveling to Chicago. Start now.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Chicago
ETHNIC RHINOPLASTY: The term "ethnic" is often used to describe any patient who is of non-caucasian origin. Most patients are seeking a nose which will work with their facial features and ethnicity, not to change their racial identity. Dr. Shah has subdivided ethnic rhinoplasty into a few backgrounds because the differences between the nasal characteristics can be quite large. Even within specific ethnicities, there is a very wide range of what an unoperated nose will look like. Read more.

Video Library Illinois

VIDEO LIBRARY: Wonder what its like to recover from a rhinoplasty? Curious about how Dr. Shah controls the nose during an open rhinoplasty? Need instruction on how to tape you nose after a procedure? View these videos and more in our video library. Watch now .

Practical Beauty Blog Chicago PRACTICAL BEAUTY BLOG: Dr. Shah's blog covering all things beauty, facial plastic surgery, and looking and feeling your best. Read more.

INNOVATIONS: Dr. Shah has had or contributed to a number of innovations and discoveries in facial plastic surgery. Learn more. Innovations Chicago


Rhinoplasty Frequently Asked Questions IllinoisIs an adorsal hump shaving easy to do?
As with anything in rhinoplasty, the surgeon's judgement, understanding of aesthetics and nasal function are critical components. Merely cutting away a hump in rhinoplasty without a conscious thought process can lead to pinching of the middle portion of the nose and a functional deficit. On the other hand, overly built-out middle portions of the nose can make the nose appear too big and blockish. Dr. Shah utilizes a tailored hump removal to the patient so that the function and form of the nose will fit each patient's face in a natural and harmonious manner.

Can I blow my nose after rhinoplasty?
Patients should ask Dr. Shah when the appropriate time to blow their nose is after surgery. Blowing the nose places pressure on the inside of the nose can disrupt the lining or outside of the nose. In some patients, they may be able to blow their nose as soon as one week after rhinoplasty. This is when no septal or turbinate work was performed on the inside. On the other hand, in a fully reconstructed nose with septoplasty, a patient may not be able to blow their nose until the 6 week mark. Instead of blowing your nose, patients are advised to use saline rinses to help irrigate the inside of the nose and help clear the nose out.

Can routine septoplasty straighten out a nose?
No, a routine septoplasty is not designed to straighten the outside of the nose, but rather will attempt to improve the inside of the nose. Note that if the septum is deviated externally, correction of the septum will require a surgeon with specialization in noses.

Who is better at rhinoplasty (nose job), a plastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon?
Generalizations about specialties are not a great way to determine which surgeon is better. Instead, look at each surgeon's scope of practice, number of noses, quality of work. Surgeons who are able to perform functional as well as cosmetic rhinoplasty will have better rhinoplasty outcomes.

Where is Dr. Shah's office located to perform rhinoplasty?
Dr. Shah's office is located in downtown Chicago. This is a centrally located access point from the suburbs and NW Indiana, as well as Wisconsin. Dr. Shah has many patients who travel afar to Chicago.

Will my nose continue to grow after a rhinoplasty?
The nose does not continue to grow. With time, the nose cartilage and skin loses elasticity, causing the nose to look longer with age. After a rhinoplasty, the nose will continue to age. However, with some types of rhinoplasty the nose may not lose support over time.

When can I work out after a rhinoplasty?
It really depends on what type of rhinoplasty you have received. The vast majority of patients can resume light walking and activity during the first week of recovery. After one week, patients can typically resume about 50% of their normal exercise routines. The only exceptions are heavy weight lifting and running. Running can not be done until 5 weeks after most rhinoplasty procedures since the nose is still healing and running can cause stress on the nose. Similarly, heavy weight lifting can place a burden on the nose.

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Top Rhinoplasty Doctor 2011
Top Rhinoplasty Doctor 2011