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The most recent edition of Current Diagnosis & Treatment Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery was published. Dr. Shah authored updates on skin rejuvenation, facial implants, and facial fillers.

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Dr. Shah was recently named a 2010 Most Compassionate Doctor. Thank you to our patients that chose Dr. Shah for this honor

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Xeomin was recently approved for in the United States, making it the latest botulinum toxin to achieve FDA approval. This product may be the one that drives pricing to a more favorable position for patients, making botulinum toxin injections much more accessible.

Xeomin has been used in Germany since 2008. It is essentially the same product as Botox, just without the additives. This makes the product extremely easy to use for patients and physicians. The theoretic advantage of Xeomin is that with less additives, there is less likelihood of developing antibody formation with continued use.

Botox is an excellent product. However, it is good news for the consumer when more botulinum toxins are approved to help drive prices down and make these products available.

Dr. Shah offers Xeomin treatments in his Chicago office.

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Peel and Reveal:  Chemical Peels Without The Downtime

Chemical peels are one of the most popular procedure available. Peels of the past used harsh components and were harder for patients with darker skin tones to use. However, newer peels can rejuvenate the skin with much less downtime. Gone are the days of embarrassing, red, and painful looking skin (Sex and the City fans, think Samantha circa 2002).  While a one and done blast of a chemical peels used to be a popular application, patients often were left with longer recovery times and less predictable results.  In addition, many patients with darker pigmentation were hesitant to receive a chemical peel. Newer applications of peels are typically administered in a series to maximize effectiveness while minimizing downtime.  Repeated chemical peels can help rejuvenate skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve discoloration, decrease blackhead formation, improve acne and temporarily reduce skin oils.  

The lightest peels have little downtime and can serve as an introduction to peeling in general. These peels are similar to peels used in many spas and non-physician offices.  Dr. Shah's office uses a newer generation of alpha-hydroxy acid, called mandelic and malic acid, in combination with salicylic acid in lighter peels.

Medium strength peels offer more exfoliation and can address pigmentation and photo damage more effectively.  Dr. Shah's office offers two strengths of peels which can offer little to no downtime depending on the strength of the peel.  These peels are physician grade in strength and can only be administered in a physician's office.  

For select locations, a stronger peel can help tighten skin further and assist in improved skin contour.  These peels are administered by Dr. Shah and require further downtime, sometimes up to a week.    

Chemical peels can address a number of problems. The most common reasons to have a chemical peel are:

  • Reduce blackheads
  • Repair sun damage
  • Lessen pigmentation changes, lighten dark spots, 
  • Help melasma
  • Improve skin texture 
  • Improve acne 
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles 
Frequently Asked Questions About Peels

Can I have a peel if I have darker skin? There are risks with any procedure, including chemical peels.  We most often recommend individual assessment to determine the intended goals and start with a lower grade strength to determine how your skin will respond.

Do peels cost a lot of money?  Most peels are not expensive in price.

Will I see results with one chemical peel? Most patients see immediate textural changes to their skin.  Longer lasting changes are seen with increased strength of chemical peel and frequency.

What is my downtime for a chemical peel?  Each patient has an individual recovery period.  Many patients with lighter peels can return to work that same day.  Medium strength chemical peels may require longer periods of recovery at the extra benefit of more change.

How do peels work?  Peels work by removing the superficial layers of the skin.  When the skin repairs itself, the skin can feel tighter and rejuvenated due to the removal of superficial layers of skin as well as the introduction of new collagen in the skin.

Who administers a chemical peel?  Most peels in Dr. Shah's office are administered by an aesthetician.  Stronger peels are performed by Dr. Shah.

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