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Submitted by DrShahAdmin on Sat, 06/23/2012 - 08:09

The country is preparing for another presidential election. While we hope that the candidate's stance on issues is what matters; does physical appearance play a role at all?  In the modern age, paintings have been replaced by high definition close ups and candids of the candidates. In other elections, the voter may not know how the person looks (does anyone know how each representative appears in their area), but the president and presidential candidates are some of the most highly photographed individuals in the world.  Unfortunately, much of a person's perceived likability revolves around looks and in fact many people form an opinion about someone within 30 seconds.  What is even more controversial is what specific facial features makes someone appealing, trustworthy and overall likable.

It is not unusual to see former actors to run for office with looks and charisma often attached to each other.  We can think of candidates such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Regan, etc.

If we look at the presidential election since 1980 and look at physical appearance alone, the election results tend to sort themselves out.  Ronald Reagan (former Hollywood actor) won easily over Jimmy Carter.  Ronald Reagan then easily defeated Walter Mondale.  A much older Reagan still looks more polished then Mondale who has prominent eye bags and a sour expression on his face even at rest.  George H. Bush defeated Micheal Dukakis, perhaps because of his overly prominent eyebrows.  The Democratic party found its success with Bill Clinton, thick hair and charisma attached, who easily beat George H. Bush.  Bill Clinton easily beat the next candidate to come along Bob Dole. George W. Bush and Al Gore were evenly matched it appears in one of the closest elections of all time. George Bush  however easily beat the much longer faced John Kerry.  When the 2008 election came along, a fresh faced Barack Obama easily defeated John McCain.

Now we have perhaps one of the most important elections in 2012.  Barack Obama will face Mitt Romney in what appears to be a close election.  Interestingly, there is not a consensus on who is the "better looking" candidate.  Hopefully, voters vote for whom ever they believe is best for the country and not let appearances play a role.

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Submitted by DrShahAdmin on Mon, 06/04/2012 - 12:55

Manicures are all the rage.  We pay attention to the type of polish and state of our cuticles.  However, some of the nail dryers used in nail salons are potentially dangerous.  The dryers work by using UV light to help accelerate the drying to your hands.  One session of drying is equal to laying in a tanning bed.  UV light can promote skin cancers and accelerate aging.  Rather than using the UV dryers, opt for fan dryers.  If that is not an option and you don't have time for air drying, consider adding UV protection to protect your hands from aging!

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Submitted by DrShahAdmin on Fri, 06/01/2012 - 11:40

Some of us sweat and blame ourselves.  Before we do, take a quick inventory of the medications and foods you take to make sure they are not causing excessive sweating.  Medications that can cause excessive sweating include antidepressants, pain killers (such as Vicodin or Celebrex), blood pressure pills, and hormonal therapy (including some birth control pills).  Sometimes these medications can be switched for an alternative which can decrease the side effect profile.

Foods that cause sweating include foods high in sugars, caffeine, foods containing MSG, and spicy foods.

If your medications and diet are not the culprit consider other therapies to reduce excessive sweating which include higher strength deodorants and botox in some cases.

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Submitted by DrShahAdmin on Fri, 05/25/2012 - 14:32

Dr. Shah has been appointed as one of the editors of Journal of Otology and Rhinology, a national scientific peer reviewed medical journal. Dr. Shah was chosen for his international expertise and research in functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and reconstruction of the nose.

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