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Submitted by DrShahAdmin on Tue, 09/04/2012 - 12:05

Chicago | Facial  Procedure

The first few days after your facial procedure, it is in your best interest to avoid jumping in a steamy, hot shower directly. A great way to postpone that is by creating a “To Do” list, hanging it up on the fridge. And enjoy a nice, warm bubble bath without exposing your face into the water. You will want to avoid very hot water for at least two days. After you have reached the third day after your procedure you can shower with warm water. YAY!

You will definitely want to avoid divulging your nasal splint to water and steam, because like any band aid your cast will start to slip off and cause irritation to your skin. You can still wash your face with care and use any kind of soap that you usually do in your morning routine.

This isn't just advice for specifically a rhinoplasty, but any facial procedure in general.

“My nose is a little bit swollen
But at last I'm finally rollin'
Water on my face...
A moment of grace
This bliss shall not ever be stolen”

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Submitted by DrShahAdmin on Fri, 08/24/2012 - 15:34

During the first week after a rhinoplasty, the skin along the nose is taped, making clogged pores and breakouts a possibility.  Immediately after a rhinoplasty, the nose is delicate and still healing as well, so what is a post op rhinoplasty patient to do in order to maintain good skin?

Facials help to extract blackheads and unclog pores.  Unfortunately, they can place pressure on a delicate nose.  In some cases after a rhinoplasty, particularly finesse rhinoplasties, a facial is possible one month after a nose reshaping procedure.  In other cases, especially those cases requiring grafting, a facial is to be avoided for up to and sometimes longer than 4 months.  An aesthetician, who does perform a facial, must have experience and gentle hands.  An incorrectly performed facial can lead to pushing sebum debris further into the pore and actually clogging it. In some instances, this can lead to an infection, which will cause the nose to swell.

Keeping pores clean can be assisted by the use of retinol products as well as some astringents. While not a substitute for a facial, it can help decrease sebum and oil production, limiting the need for a facial. It is recommended that retinol products used have ingredients which do not promote clogging of pores.

Good examples of this are Retriderm and Tri-Retinol.

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Submitted by DrShahAdmin on Wed, 08/22/2012 - 07:52


Plastic surgery is becoming more and more common.  However, more and more brides are seeking plastic surgery prior to their big day.  In fact, a recent survey by Daily Mail, found that 10% of brides to be undergo plastic surgery of some sort.

Now why would a bride do something like this before her big day?

  • look good for future groom and herself
  • photograph better
  • fresh start on a new page in life
  • "Often thought of doing these procedures, but now has more of a reason to do so.”

What’s on the bridal menu?

Lips - Plumper lips, subtly done, can enhance photographs and make that “you can now kiss the bride, kiss well, more impactful.

Noses - Many brides fear not the crowd but the photographer who take countless shots of your face, including profile, ¾ obliques, and every angle.   For some, rhinoplasty can help ease that fear.

Botox - Fine lines around forehead can still show with makeup.  Often a light Botox injection can melt lines making the forehead teenage smooth.

Underarm botox injections - Nervousness can make us sweat.  For some of use, sweating is there regardless of occasion.  Don’t be wardrobe limited;Botox can shut off overactive sweat glands, making the strapless gown a safe fashion choice.

Breast augmentation and liposuction - Some brides need that little extra boost that diet and exercise might not be able to treat.  Dr. Shah works with several associates who will make things right for your big day.

The recovery period is the most worrisome for brides, recovery before the big day. Naturally for rhinoplasty, it will be around 3-6 months, 2 weeks Botox and lips, 1 week underarm Botox, and 1 month breast and liposuction.

Best of luck to all you brides to be!

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Submitted by DrShahAdmin on Fri, 08/17/2012 - 12:42

One of the fastest rising sports in the United States is mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting. However, with this surge in popularity, a rise in facial injuries has taken place. A recent study at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (J Sports Sci Med. 2006: 136-142) found the incidence of injury from competitive MMA fighting was around 30%. Of these injuries, most were facial lacerations (47.9%), as well as nasal fractures (10.6%) and ear injuries (1%)

In Dr. Shah's practice, he has worked on MMA fighters with injuries ranging from nasal fracture, facial lacerations, and ear hematomas. Nasal fractures can be set in place soon after the injury, ideally within 14 days after the trauma. After a closed reduction procedure, many fighters can resume noncontact 2 weeks after having the nose set.  Dr. Shah advises a full three to six month period before engaging in facial contact, but many MMA fighters do fight sooner than that. Dr. Shah does not recommend extensive nasal reconstructions on fighters who are still competitive, due to the complexity in future reconstructions.  He advises patients to see him for immediate traumatic incidents and then "fix" their nose when they no longer fight.

If you’re an active fighter you’re apt to get hit in the face sooner than later. Facial lacerations should be repaired immediately if it is a clean wound. In contaminated lacerations, the incision may be delayed to prevent infection.

Ear hematomas are caused by blunt force trauma to the ear. They should also be drained, and can be drained in the office. Once drained, pressure is applied immediately to the ear to prevent reaccumulation of the hematoma. If an ear hematoma is not drained, it can create distortion of the ear, creating a "wrestler's ear" or "cauliflower ear".

With the surge in popularity in MMA, more and more facial injuries are occurring. Non-competitive fighters should consider wearing protective headgear to decrease the incidence of facial injury. Competitive fighters should consider wearing protective headgear during training sessions. While these injuries are not life threatening, they can impact the appearance and function of the face...and who wants that?

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