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Submitted by Admin on Fri, 01/02/2015 - 10:10

Online Dating's Busy SeasonDid you know that the peak time for online dating is from January to Valentine's Day?

The reasons for this are varied and include New Year's resolutions to find a special someone, familial pressure to meet someone, or just the "coziness" factor of the holidays. The other factors comprise resolutions of self-improvement including losing weight and improving healthy habits.

In our office, we notice many of these patients look to this time for renewal and restoration as well. The winter weather provides a nice time to offer recovery from procedures. Even the many "no downtime" procedures such as fillers or Botox are helpful for patients seeking confidence in the arena of online dating. Patients are especially motivated during this time to kick off the new year with a better version of themselves.

Whatever your motivation, here is to a great 2015 and the best version of you possible!

Tags: Botox

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Submitted by Admin on Thu, 12/25/2014 - 08:10

When Ear-Pierce Openings Are Overly StretchedAn earring trend for the last five years has been towards larger earrings with more substantial weight. One effect from earringweight is that the ears can be overly stretched. The issue is that when earrings are placed here, they may not sit well in the ear, often times turning outward.

The overly stretched ear piercing also often involves removal of the surrounding skin to the piercing site. The piercing site must be closed in multiple layers so that the ear lobe can be properly reinforced. Once the layers of the ear have been repaired, 6-8 weeks later, ear piercings can be placed. It is important for patients to limit the size of their earrings, especially the weight to avoid the need for future procedures.

Tags: Ears

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Submitted by Admin on Thu, 12/18/2014 - 07:07

Upper-Lid Blepharoplasty as an In-Office ProcedureThe trend towards minimally invasive procedures has grown rapidly over the past 10 years. Many patients are seeking procedures with little to no downtime and avoidance of anesthesia. In Dr. Anil Shah's aesthetic surgery practice, a frequent procedure performed in the office is upper lid blepharoplasty. This procedure requires minimal oral sedation to relax the patient in a comfortable environment. During this procedure, the patient is awake while excess skin and sometimes fat are removed from the upper eyelid. Patients enjoy the procedure in this setting as there are no IVs. When the procedure is over, patients are able to leave with minimal recovery. Sutures are placed externally and are removed in about one week. The recovery is often quite comfortable and many patients are able to be seen in public soon after the procedure.

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Submitted by Admin on Thu, 12/11/2014 - 12:15

Treating Acne ScarsAcne scars are one of the most difficult conditions to treat as multiple sessions are required to improve scars but never really eliminate them. A newer technique used in the office of Dr. Anil Shah is the use of targeted CO2 laser treatments to individual acne scars. This treatment works by using an infrared guided C02 laser beam and directing it into each acne scar. This treatment is similar to cross TCA in that each scar can be treated as an individual and the surrounding skin is left alone. Targeted CO2 also has the benefit of being able to vary the degree of penetration and strength of the laser. CROSS TCA can only be treated for acne scars at either 50 percent or 100 percent. If there are a variety of acne scars, patients can have the entire face resurfaced plus targeted CO2 treatment.

Prior to using this treatment, a test procedure is often performed in one or two acne scars. Often times, both targeted CO2 and CROSS TCA are used at the same time in different scars during the tester process to see which procedure will have a more favorable outcome and avoid prolonged erythema. The tester process helps identify patients’ interaction with a treatment prior to treating an entire face. For patients who are traveling in for a treatment, a tester process may not be economically possible and an initial full-force treatment can take place as long as those patients are willing to accept a longer healing process and prolonged erythema and unusual reactions as possible outcomes.

With any acne scarring treatment, there are risks and benefits. The goal of acne scarring is to build collagen and elastin in a safe, effective manner while limiting downtime and risk for the patient.

Tags: Acne Scars

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