» Is it me or my nose that smells bad after my rhinoplasty?

Is it me or my nose that smells bad after my rhinoplasty?

Submitted by DrShahAdmin on Thu, 07/26/2012 - 09:00

Don't worry. Unless your friends tell you otherwise it’s not you that smells funny, it's your nose.

No matter what type of rhinoplasty you had done, you will have sutures. Sutures themselves do not have an odor, but periodically they can attract crust which can cause an odor. Crusting is absolutely normal 3 weeks after your procedure and could cause a bad smell for up to two months after.

Crusting isn't the only cause of unpleasant smells. Another reason might be the accumulation of mucus in the nose due to a reduced mobility of the "mucus blanket" within the nose. After your procedure, the physiology of the nose takes four to six weeks to come back to normal, but in the meantime you can clear the mucosal blanket with intra nasal saline sprays.

This is why after your procedure it is extremely necessary to use appropriate nasal hygiene. Listen and follow the instructions your doctor has given to you. To be perfectly sure that you do not have an infection in your nose I would call your doctor and have him check it out just to be sure everything is healing properly.

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