» When Should I Start Botox?

When Should I Start Botox?

Submitted by Admin on Thu 16, 2009

Botox Maintenance:  When Should I Start?

No one wants to look older, and some of us don't even want to act any older. So naturally, a hot topic for debate is when do I start botox. Some physicians are even talking about using botox before you have lines, so called “ preventative botox “. But is that really the answer and the best practice?

My motto is “If you can not see it, do not treat it.” Pragmatically speaking, for early lines, botox is very effective in softenening them almost completely after the first session. So based on botox's effectiveness, it would make little sense to try and prevent something that is easily treated and not present. Once a line is more “etched”, it may take several sessions with botox prior to softening it..

There are cases of Botox being less effective and requiring higher doses over time, aka Botox resistance. This phenomenon is usually after multiple and many years of Botox therapy. Using Botox early on in life, may give that individual less of a window to use Botox later in life when he/ she may need it the most.  

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