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Submitted by Admin on Fri, 01/16/2015 - 07:48

Mole RemovalThere are several effective approaches to removing moles and skin lesions on the face.

The traditional approach of excision of the mole and repair with sutures can be used, however it often leaves the patient with a visible scar along the face.

A modified shave approach where the surgeon removes just enough of the mole down to the level of the dermis has proven to be an effective approach for the majority of moles in Dr. Shah's practice. Once removed, the skin will resurface where the mole once sat, allowing for a "scarless" approach to take place. This technique is not possible for all moles, since some may have deeper extensions.

Moles which require adjunctive techniques can sometimes be removed with the use of laser therapy to target the pigment and mole itself. Mole removal along the face is a delicate balance of removing the lesion in question while attempting to avoid scarring as much as possible.

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Submitted by Admin on Fri, 01/09/2015 - 11:15

Ways to Create a Thinner FaceDespite weight loss or ideal body weight, some patient's faces will appear fuller than ideal. There are several components of the face which can cause the face to appear overly "full" or wide. First, masseter hypertrophy is the enlargement of the muscles which surround the mandible or jaw. When these muscles are overly large, the face will appear wider, especially along the lower portion of the face. Reducing the masseter muscle often involves the use of botulinum toxin to help thin the muscle. Long-term use of botulinum toxin can actually shrink the parotid gland and bone of the jaw to create longer-lasting changes to the facial appearance.

A fuller face often involves buccal fat as well. Buccal fat is a discrete fat pocket located in the cheek area. Genetically, some patients’ faces here are fuller than ideal. Removal of fat here is based on the patient's familial history of facial shape to help predict their pattern of fat loss over time. Removal of buccal fat can help subtly contour the patient's face by accentuating cheek bones and a more sculpted appearance to the face.

Removal of fat along the jawline and neck can also help contour a face. Creating a better shadow along the jawline will enhance the neck and face by creating a transition between the two elements. When the neck and face appear to be one structure, the overall look of the face is fuller. Often times, conservative jowl reduction can help contour facial appearance as well.

Finally, the addition of volume to the upper third of the face can help create a more contoured look. The use of cheek implants has fallen out of favor, with some exception, and has been replaced with the use of facial fillers. Facial fillers, such as Voluma and Radiesse, can help create enhanced cheekbones and facial contouring and paradoxically can help create a thinner looking face. The illusion of a thinner face is created in part because now the cheekbone will represent the leading edge of the face rather than the cheek itself.

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Submitted by Admin on Fri, 01/02/2015 - 10:10

Online Dating's Busy SeasonDid you know that the peak time for online dating is from January to Valentine's Day?

The reasons for this are varied and include New Year's resolutions to find a special someone, familial pressure to meet someone, or just the "coziness" factor of the holidays. The other factors comprise resolutions of self-improvement including losing weight and improving healthy habits.

In our office, we notice many of these patients look to this time for renewal and restoration as well. The winter weather provides a nice time to offer recovery from procedures. Even the many "no downtime" procedures such as fillers or Botox are helpful for patients seeking confidence in the arena of online dating. Patients are especially motivated during this time to kick off the new year with a better version of themselves.

Whatever your motivation, here is to a great 2015 and the best version of you possible!

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Submitted by Admin on Thu, 12/25/2014 - 08:10

When Ear-Pierce Openings Are Overly StretchedAn earring trend for the last five years has been towards larger earrings with more substantial weight. One effect from earringweight is that the ears can be overly stretched. The issue is that when earrings are placed here, they may not sit well in the ear, often times turning outward.

The overly stretched ear piercing also often involves removal of the surrounding skin to the piercing site. The piercing site must be closed in multiple layers so that the ear lobe can be properly reinforced. Once the layers of the ear have been repaired, 6-8 weeks later, ear piercings can be placed. It is important for patients to limit the size of their earrings, especially the weight to avoid the need for future procedures.

Tags: Ears

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