» Lateral Crural Strut Grafts

Lateral Crural Strut Grafts

Lateral Crural Strut GraftsLateral crural strut grafts are grafts used in rhinoplasty to support the lateral crus. They are placed underneath the lower lateral cartilage in an effort to reshape or repositon the lower lateral cartilage. In patients with overly concave cartilage, this graft will help to decrease this appearance, but an lateral crural graft may be preferable. In patients with overly convex cartilage, this graft can also be useful in changing the shape of the cartilage to a flatter more desirable shape. In patients with cephalic malpositon of the cartilages these grafts can be useful to repositon the lower lateral cartilage and place them in a more appropriate position.

One of the drawbacks of this graft is that the nostril will feel thicker, particularly on the inside of the nose.

"The nose should fit the face"
A strong jawline would suggest a stronger nose.