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Intradermal Botox

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Pores are essential for keeping the skin soft and hydrated. However, when overly large pores are present it can make the skin look rough and uneven and can be overly unflattering. Even the application of makeup may be difficult and worsen the skin textural differences.

Intradermal Botox represents the latest technique for pore reduction. In fact, intradermal Botox is the only treatment for directly targeting pores. When all of the pores reduce in size, the surface area of the skin is reduced and the skin is tightened, creating a lift effect.

The science behind intradermal Botox is to target the muscles which control pore size, the erector pili muscle. When these muscles are effected by Botox, the pore size actually will decrease in size.

Intradermal Botox therapy can be used to decrease pore size as well as lessen oil production, sweat production, and even decrease red and brown marks after acne. Fine lines in areas once thought to be off limits for botox (below the eyes) can now be injected and soften over several weeks.

Since Botox can enhance the effects of other therapies, we recommend combining it with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light ) which will make each therapy much more powerful.

Dr. Shah is one of a select handful of physicians in the world who utilize the intradermal technique.