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International and Out of Town Patients

International and Out of Town Patients


Dr. Shah sees a large amount of patients from all over the world. Using current technologies, such as video chat, Skype, and email, Dr. Shah makes traveling from afar a less daunting task. The blue indicates states and countries where Dr. Shah has patients.

Virtual Consultations

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Virtual Consultations are conducted prior to the patient's arrival in Chicago so that each patient is informed of expectations and preparations for surgery in advance. In addition, Dr. Shah does follow-ups via video chat or phone so that out of town patients can limit the number of return trips to the United States.


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Out of Town and International Patients of Dr. Shah get discounted rates at many area hotels. View a list of area accommodations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't live in Chicago, is it difficult to travel there?
Chicago is located in the central portion of the United States and is a travel hub and headquarters for many airlines and businesses. The airports are conveniently located near the downtown which is accessible by either a cab ride or public transportation. Our office can help arrange for every travel detail from Hotels and Extended Hotel Suites, Nursing or Medical Assistants if necessary, to having food and supplies stocked.

After my procedure, how long will I be required to stay in the States?
After a Rhinoplasty procedure, it is required that you stay in the States for one week after surgery. Most surgeries will require a stay in Chicago for one week to 10 days. Out of town patients seeking fillers, botox, jaw reduction, or interdermal botox can immediately return home.

Will Dr. Shah's office arrange for housing?
We have a wide range in housing which we can suggest. Due to the high volume of out of state patients we have hotel specials for our patients. Our office can arrange details for our patients.

Will I have to see Dr. Shah again after surgery?
It depends on the procedure. Dr. Shah embraces technology and is one of the only surgeon who performs digital follow-ups. For patients located halfway across the world, Dr. Shah has determined that digital follow up entails taking a series of pictures during the recovery process and discussing the healing process with Dr. Shah.

How much recovery time will I need?
Most procedures require one week in the Chicago area.

Do I need medical clearance from my doctor?
Any medical problems should be evaluated by a primary care physician with a medical clearance letter. Lab work can be arranged same day of procedure at no charge for patients.

Will I receive a price estimate prior to my arrival?
The office will give a price range prior to the procedure.