» Facial Plastic Surgery Advancement

Innovations by Dr. Anil Shah

Dr. Shah has either directly innovated or served as coinvestigator in the following discoveries in facial plastic surgery:

Pyramidal Frustrum
  Facial Extent of the Platysma
Pyramidal Fristrum's recognition asthe underlying geometric osseous form allows the surgeon to utilize a ratiocinative approach in addressing deformities of the upper one third of the nose.   Dr. Shah proposes that the method of effectively rejuvenating the face is repositioning of the Platysma Muscle.
Botox Acne/Oily Skin
  Anchoring Points in Rhytidectomy
Intradermal Botox represents the latest technique for lessening the production of skin oils.   Study demonstrating preferred points to anchor a suture supension point in Rhytidectomy.
Release of Lower Eyelid Retractors
  Lateral Rounding Scale
Study that demonstrates role of the lower lid retractors in maintenance of lower eyelid position.   Scale designed to measure the rounding near the lateral canthus.
Costal Cartilage Warping
  Botox Pore Reduction
Study determined that more warping occurred in eccentric group or cartilage than the concentric group, leading to innovation in costal catilage carving.   Innovative technique for making large pores more refined with the use of Botox.
Vector Alignment in Bilobe Flap
This study suggests that secondary defects aligned perpendicular to the nostril have the least amount of alar distortion.   Innovative measure to radiographically measure the amount of septal deviation.
Subzygomatic Fossa to Identfiy the
Zygomaticus Major Muscle

Study concluded that the zygomaticus major insertion notch is a reliable landmark for identification of the zygomaticus major muscle.