» Forehead contouring

Forehead contouring

One of the greatest parts of being a facial plastic surgeon is that there are many things which there is more than one way of doing things.  I think anyone who does things “by the book” loses out on the creative element necessary to be a successful plastic surgeon.

This patient had a forehead osteoma, which is a hard lump on her forehead.  (See photographs with blue outline).  She has a history of keloids, or forming large thick scars.  Rather than place a large scar on her forehead, I used an endoscope (an instrument the size of a drinking straw) and specially designed narrow instruments.  From a small incision, I was able to contour the forehead so that she did not have a large bump on it and continue to wear her hair short and with confidence, avoiding a visible scar and any disruption of her hairline.

                              Patient before osteoma removal (left) and after removal by Dr. Shah (right)

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