» Why Dr. Shah's Facelift Approach is Different?

Why Dr. Shah's Facelift Approach is Different?

Most surgeons perform facelift surgery the same way. A survey by the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society found that over 95% of its members performed SMAS only lifts. The SMAS is a covering of the face which surgeons use to pull on it in an attempt to produce changes to the face.

While SMAS lifts have been around since the 1970's, many surgeons express frustrations with the limits in which it can change the face naturally. Surgeons who use this technique will try and pull the SMAS tissue and secure it. However, often at three months after the procedure, the patients will complain that they look exactly the same. Sometimes surgeons will attempt to pull more skin in an attempt to lift the face, however, patients will now have a pulled skin look, but not like more youthful.

I have learned a better method of rejuvenating the face, which is called CPMS. CPMS stands for Complete Platysma Muscular Suspension from a colleague of mine Dr. David Rosenberg in NYC.

If you look at an anatomy text book, it demonstrates that the platysma muscle is a neck only muscle. However, Dr. Rosenberg's and my experience have demonstrated that this is not accurate. The platysma muscle actually has a significant facial component.

Figure Legend:  Classic anatomic depiction of platysma muscle on left side demonstrates muscle is located within neck only.  Shah/Rosenberg finding that the platysma muscle has a significant facial component.

The significance of this anatomic finding can not be overstated. This finding demonstrates that many surgeons have been lifting the wrong tissue for the last 35 years. Dr. Shah proposes that the method of effectively rejuvenating the face is repositioning of the platysma muscle.

There are many benefits of this approach including a natural embryolgic glide plane. Beneath the platsymal muscle there are very few if any blood vessels. This allows the muscle to slide back to a more youthful position. The benefit of this lift is that it is a "true" facelift and that results are natural but will demonstrate improvement in both face and neck of the aging process.

Why don't other surgeons utilize this technique?

The face has one of the most complex areas of anatomy in the body with many important structures. Most surgeons are hesitant to utilize more complex methods because of inadequate anatomic knowledge or experience in sophisticated techniques. This technique is a new concept which is only performed by 2 surgeons in the world.