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FAQs About Dr. Shah

Is Dr Shah an expert in Facial Plastic Surgery?
Dr. Shah is a leading authority on aging and facial plastic surgery. He is a professor in facial plastic surgery at NYU and a clinical instructor at the University of Chicago. He has an office located in Watertower on Michigan Avenue.  He has written over 50 articles on facial plastic surgery including some landmark articles. He is known for his innovation within the field and surgical subtlety and grace.

How long has Dr. Shah been in practice?
Has been in practice 10 years. He used to be an assistant professor at NYU, had a private practice on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and now has relocated back to his home in Chicago.

Is Dr. Shah Board Certified?
Yes, Dr. Shah is Double Board Certified: Facial Plastics & Otolarynoglogy Head – Neck Surgery.

Where did Dr. Shah train?
Dr. Shah trained at Cornell Hospital, NYU Hospital, and Manhattan Eye, Ear, Throat Hospital in Facial Plastic Surgery.

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