Chin enhancement and jaw reshaping involves a series of procedures which help enhance the overall chin and jaw appearance. Dr. Shah uses a customized approach to help create the type of changes which can help match with the rest of the face.

He does many of these procedures in an office based setting to the patient's advantage. This allows for less downtime and a quicker return to normal activity.

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Facial Implants

Chin augmentation involves the use of implants, fillers, or other in office procedures to enhance the chin and jawline. Dr. Shah's entire practice focuses on the face, so he is well versed in helping patients design the chin and jawline enhancement they may be seeking.

PHILOSOPHY: How is Dr. Shah different?

Anil R. Shah, MD Chicago, ILDr. Shah has a variety of approaches to the chin and looks not just at the chin as an isolated area but how it relates to the face and the person of the patient.  He does not use bone screws or techniques that promote bony erosion as he is seeking long term improvement of the face and bone preservation.  He uses an alternate to bone screws so that the implant is in place and secure without compromising the bone structure.  Dr. Shah is well published in the scientific community and has contributed with articles on chin and skeletal enhancement of the face.


Chin Augmentation Gallery Illinois


The before and after gallery represents a small fraction of the patients Dr. Shah has operated on. He has many more example of his work in his office. The gallery is intended to show a variety of aesthetics. All pictures shown are patients of Dr. Anil Shah.
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Chin Augmentation Technique Chicago


Dr. Shah uses a specialized technique for chin augmentation he prefers the external approach to the intraoral approach for several reasons.  First of all, intraoral chin implants must go through the mouth and thereby have a higher exposure to the bacteria in this area.  Dr. Shah prefers to minimize the chance of infection.  In addition, intraoral chin implants tend to rest higher on the chin and are often secured with bone screws.
Dr. Shah does not uses bone screws for chin implants.  Bone screws involve placing either a metal or plastic screw through the chin implant.  The issue with screws is that there will be some loss of bone along the jaw.  Dr. Shah prefers a different approach.  He preserves the covering of the chin bone, called the periosteum, along the center of the chin.  The periosteum is like a carpet covering the bone.  By preserving the periosteum along the center, he is able to place 4-5 sutures to secure the chin implant to the underlying bone.   Some implants have wings to the end to further enhance the jowl and prejowl status.  In these cases, he makes an incision along the lateral portion of the periosteum of the chin and places the wing of the implant underneath this area while still preserving the center portion.

Illinois Anesthetic Choices


Many patients seeking a chin implant are also looking for other area of their face to enhance.  For patients with other procedures where general anesthesia or IV sedation is recommended, a chin augmentation can be easily added on as an additional procedure.  For patients seeking just chin enhancement, Dr. Shah offers an in office alternative to patients not wanting general anesthesia. READ MORE HERE

Chicago botox jaw reduction


Did you know botox can reshape the jawline? Botox jaw reduction is a specialized technique to reduce the width of the jawline changing an overly square jawline to a more attractive oval or heart shaped face. In some patients, the masseter muscle, a chewing muscle, is enlarged creating extra facial width. Botox selectively weakens this muscle over time leading to an overall reduction in the size of this muscle. Read more.

Liposuction Chin and Neck Illinois


In some cases, there is excess chin fat either within the chin or the area below the chin.  Liposuction of this area can help enhance the area by removing unnecessary fat and creating a smoother sleeker jawline.

Implant Selection Chicago, IL


Typically the implant for your chin or jawline is selected by Dr. Shah after consulting with him. He shows a digitally altered photograph of you to help determine your aesthetic. He then picks the chin implant which best achieves this goal. Dr. Shah frequently "customizes" implants to help improve underlying jaw asymmetries to create a well-proportioned jawline.

Pre and Post Operative Instructions Rhinoplasty Chicago


Dr. Shah's office will help you through you pre and post-operative preparation and recovery. On this page, you will find an overview of instructions, as well as medications to avoid before and after a procedure and more. Read more

facial plastic surgery timeline Illinois


Many patients ask at what age can a patient have a facelift (or other procedure)? This timeline is intended to serve as general information on the ages at which patients may seek a procedure such as a facelift. See more.

Chicago Plasticpedia


Found in Plasticpedia are links to further rhinoplasty glossaries, nasal anatomy and facial anatomy information, information on the types of rhinoplasty and aging face procedures, a guide to grafts in rhinoplasty, a facial analysis tutorial, and a collection of scientific articles published by Dr. Anil Shah. Read more.

Articles in Illinois


Dr. Shah has authored over 50 scientific articles. All of the articles on this website have been authored or coauthored by Dr. Shah. His unique viewpoint about facial plastic surgery are highlighted, with several of the articles published exclusively for Plasticpedia. Browse now.

virtual consultations Chicago, IL


Dr. Shah sees patients from all over the world. If you are a patient traveling from outside the greater Chicago or Chicago area, you may request a preliminary consultation via phone or video chat. This offers patients the unique opportunity to get feedback and speak with Dr. Shah directly before traveling to Chicago. Start now.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Illinois


The term "ethnic" is often used to describe any patient who is of non-Caucasian origin. Most patients are seeking enhancement to their face which will work with their facial features and ethnicity, not to change their racial identity. Read more.

Illinois Video Gallery


Wonder what it’s like to recover from a facial implant? View these videos and more in our video library. Watch now

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Dr. Shah's blog covering all things beauty, facial plastic surgery, and looking and feeling your best. Read more.

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Dr. Shah has had or contributed to a number of innovations and discoveries in facial plastic surgery. Learn more.

Illinois Chin Augmentation FAQs


What are the most commonly asked questions about chin enhancement.  Find out here.



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