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Asian Rhinoplasty

Before and after photos of patient of Dr. Shah's

Before and after photos of patient of Dr. Shah's


Asian Rhinoplasty represents the art of reshaping a nose of Asian ethnicity while maintaining the ethnic identity. I have found that although the use of nasal implants with artificial material is quite common, it leads to an artificial harsh appearance to the nose. In addition, some patients complain about artificial implants causing pain, mobility, and they can actually extrude from the nose.

My philosophy of Asian noses is to preserve many of the ethnic features of the nose and make a nose which has softer highlights and looks natural. I do not use artificial implants because I believe that they do not create a good looking nose, can lead to infection and rejection by the body. I only use natural materials from a person's own body such as nose cartilage, ear cartilage or costal cartilage and create a nose which is softer looking in appearance, durable and natural.

The difficult nature in that what I do takes longer than placing an implant. Each portion of cartilage is precisely carved and placed so that the nose will be as supported and look as good as possible. It is much more technically difficult than the use of a nasal artificial implant. I have two scientific papers highlighting the areas where surgeons can carve grafts more effectively.

Alar Base Reduction: The alar base plays an important role in the overall appearance and proportion of the nose. An overly wide or flared alar base will lead to a bottom heavy nose and disrupt the delicate balance of an otherwise properly executed rhinoplasty.Preoperative counseling should examine how to harmoniously balance the patient's aesthetic needs as related to ethnicity, facial characteristics, and patient treatment goals. Since the alar base varies considerably from person to person, a dogmatic approach and application of the classic canons of alar base aesthetic ideals will result in dissatisfied rhinoplasty patients. Read more.

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