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Alar Rim Grafts

Alar Rim Grafts Nasal - Before & AfterAlar Rim Grafts Nasal

Before (left and middle) and after (right) photos of patient with alar rim grafts.

Alar rim grafts, also known as alar contour grafts, are grafts used in rhinoplasty to improve the triangularity of the nose. Grafts are placed in the most caudal aspect of the nasal ala in an effort to prevent a pinched nose appearance. The grafts are also helpful in improving the transition from an area of narrowness to one without support. Often times this will prevent excessive nasal tip pinching or a tent pole deformity.

Alar rim grafts can be made of conchal, septal, or costal cartilage. Typically, a softer material is used to prevent an overly stiff appearance and feel to the nose. Larger alar rim grafts can be useful in patients with mild alar retraction.

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