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Understanding the anatomy of aging can be a useful tool to see what areas of your face may or may not need improvement.

Eyebrow position is usually considered the key landmark in determining the aesthetic configuration of the upper third of the face. The medial end of the eyebrow should have a club-head configuration and should be in line with a vertical line drawn through the ala of the nose. It arches superolaterally above the supraorbital rim to its apex between vertical lines drawn from the lateral limbus and lateral canthus.

What are some of the important terms to know in facelift anatomy?

Nasolabial crease (sulcus)- facial line b/t upper lip and cheek

Nasolabial fold- bulging fat pad and skin lateral to NLC, caused by attenuation of the zygomatic retaining ligaments causing malar soft tissues to migrate downward along zygomaticus creating a bulge along NLC

Malar fat pad- triangular fat pad with base along NLC and in younger people with apex at zygoma

Modiolus - corner of the mouth

Marionette lines- inferior extensions of the nasolabial crease below the mouth, otherwise known as NLC below commissure

Witch’s chin deformity- a droopy chin from aging, otherwise known as ptosis of the integumentary and muscular tissues of the mentum

Jowls- ovoid masses of fibrofatty tissues subcutaneous tissue immediately adjacent and lateral to inferior extremity of the nasolabial crease

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