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Mole Removal


A mole, aka known as a nevus, is a growth on the face that may or may not be cancerous. They can be large, small, raised, flat, dark, or unpigmented. Even in cases where the mole is not thought to be cancerous, patients still desire to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. While some moles may add character such as Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark, many can be visually distracting, pulling attention away from a persons appearance.

Dr. Shah removes moles in one of two techniques. First of all, he uses what is known as "scarless" technique. With this technique which he learned from one of his mentors in New York, he removes the mole while minimizing any changes to the face and facial scarring. The benefit for mole removal with this technique is the best possible cosmetic results are achieved.

Photo (right) of patient with mole removed by Dr. Anil Shah
Photo (right) of patient with mole removed by Dr. Anil Shah

Dr. Shah also directly excises moles and repairs them. This is typically for larger deeper moles. With this process, Dr. Shah ideally places a small aliquot of Botox (Dr. Shah was recognized on German national TV, RTL for his work on this) in the area of the scar simultaneously. Dr. Shah typically dermabrades (a type of sanding to the scar) to the area to make the excision as cosmetically excellent as possible.

Dr. Shah will send suspicious moles for pathologic evaluation and he refers any lesions which have a higher likelihood of being precancerous to a dermatologic surgeon with expertise in Mohs surgery techniques.